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Broken boiler: repair or replace?

Very few householders appreciate (or even notice) their central heating boiler until it breaks down. The warmth and hot water that it provides turns your house or flat into a home. When they break down it can be miserable! Some boilers last for around 15 years but after that, they can become unreliable and will […]

AC repair
Heating and Cooling

Keeping Winter At Bay In Classic Style

Icelandic sheepskin rugs rightly enjoy a reputation for comfort and luxury, adding effortless charm to your home. The curly wool is derived from pure-bred sheep, an appealing and hardy breed that have thrived in the harshest of Icelandic conditions over centuries. Indeed, the Vikings themselves kept warm by using the prized pelts. Here at HideRugs, […]

fireplace repair
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Trust Heating Contractors To Handle your Fireplace Repairs in Kingston

Now that Kingston is experiencing cold weather, you may find it necessary to contact your local heating contractors in Kingston, Ontario. Whether you need furnace service or fireplace repair in Kingston, the right person to engage is a competent heating contractor. Fireplace Repair in Kingston If you suddenly notice that your gas or wood fireplace […]