A room (without) a view: How to tackle them with your interior choices

If you were to scour the property listing websites, you’d notice a common trend. Those homes which have a terrific view often have larger price tags. It sounds unfair, but if you’re blessed with a home with great views, you’re probably going to reap in a lot more money.

Of course, you can’t magically create a view out of nothing. In fact, in today’s day and age, the opposite is more likely to occur. Your property might have a brilliant view out into the country, only for it to be eventually overtaken by the latest new-build housing estate. It’s more common than you might think.

Fear not, however, there are options (that don’t involve moving house).

A lot of these options involve making the most of your internal window finishes.

For example, let’s start with flowers. You might not have a glorious room out into the countryside, but you can bring the great outdoors inwards courtesy of flowers from a brand like Avas Flowers. Avas Flowers have some amazing inspiration on their website about the best types of floral arrangements to help you achieve this. By simply placing a vase on your windowsill, you don’t just mask the view, but you also create a new focal point. Take a look at these Avas Flowers photos for further inspiration.

Another interiors tip involves your window dressings. Quite often, we leave our dressings gaping open, allowing a bad view to seep into our room. Again, it doesn’t have to be like this. Consider something like voile curtains which still allows natural light to flow into a room, and provides some privacy, but somewhat blurs the view to the outdoors. It’s arguably the quickest “bad view” fix you can make.

On some occasions, it’s not about the window though. Sometimes, it’s about targeting your attention to another point in your room to create a new focal point. If you can draw attention away from the window, perhaps to a new seating area or even a feature wall, you’ll soon start to forget about the view that is blighting your property.

Finally, there are also some steps you can implement to the external area of your property. For example, if you were to hang a bird feeder just outside your window, suddenly you’ll see a flurry of birds regularly turning up outside your room. Or, you might look to achieve the same with a hanging basket, which again makes the beauty of the great outdoors replace that wretched view you currently have.

Now, are all of the above techniques going to fool a prospective buyer that you have the best view in the land? Unfortunately, we’d bet that they won’t.

However, from your own perspective you can at least bask in more pleasant surroundings and if you are considering selling your property, these suggestions might just convince prospective buyers that the view isn’t a stumbling block, and it can be worked with somewhat.

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