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KRUPS KH320D50 My Memory Digital Stainless Steel Toaster

Top Review for Good

Before settling on this one, I did a lot of testing here at Amazon on toasters. For this and every other toaster, ratings are all over the board. The best selling point for me was the slots’ generous scale. Without trying to lean or shove it in, I decided to be able to bring my organic seed bread in. I just needed to be able to get a bagel in without first shaving any of it off. Anything that I put into this toaster suits comfortably. When warming the outside, the bagel setting does a better job of toasting the cut edge. For toaster strudels, the defrost setting is fine. It defrosts them, then toasts them so that they are finished throughout as they come out, and not in the centre, still stiff and cold. English muffins will finally be toasted instead of two or three in one pass. A problem people tend to have about this toaster is that it gets too hot… it’s an oven, so yeah, it gets pretty warm, but when it’s toasting, I’ve never had a desire to fondle my toaster, so there’s no need to concern me with fire. It also has a high-lift lever, so to remove your piece, you never have to touch the toaster. For me, the only downside of this toaster is the configuration wheel, which goes from 1-6. I like gently browned toast and I have to go to 4.5 to do that, so I find the lower settings pointless. This would not do the job if you prefer dark toast, but if you’re good with light to medium toast, this is a perfect option. I would increase the rating to 5 stars if this toaster lasts longer than a year. The longevity will make up for the lack of configuration dial variety.

**UPDATE** For over a year, I’ve got this and I enjoy it even more. In fact, the configuration dial I mentioned earlier depends entirely on which breads you use. If you use white or potato bread, in a lower atmosphere, you can get a good toast. For my family of five, it has regularly created delicious bread, bagels, English muffins, pop tarts and toaster strudels. It is used at least once a day if not more, and even on both sides, the toast is fair (I never had a toaster that was great even in terms of toasting). For my preferred bread, I use the same setting day after day and the results are still consistent. It all looks shiny and fresh, it’s easy to clean and/or turn it upside down outside with the disposable crumb tray. The cord is very long for a toaster that I love, and on the underside, it has an integrated cord wrap to keep the waste out of reach. This is the best buying decision I have ever made on Amazon, hands down.

Top  Critical Review

This is not a true toaster from the Krups brand. It’s a total bummer that you have to think about this place buying bogus goods… it feels like it’s becoming a concern more and more. This came with the scratched off letters and is an entirely flimsy toaster. In fact, I went to one of the big box shops to look at the toaster REAL Krups (same model) to check that this one is probably fake. There is no stop/cancel button, so the food is either absolutely burnt or not toasted. And if you touch the toaster somewhere near the top afterward, you’re going to burn the hell out of your hands. Super risky, simply being returned.IKICH Toaster 2 Long Slot, Toaster 4 Slice Stainless Steel, Warming Rack

Top Positive Review

I am fascinated with the toasting consistency of sourdough toasted bread. Why Oh, why can’t a toaster uniformly toast long slices of sourdough bread in this day and age? Most toasters sear the bread around the sides, and give it a fluffy inside, until you turn it up, of course….yeah baby crank the knob up to 10…or 100! Then there’s a burned mess.

Not so on the Ikich 4… finally uniformly cooked toast, the way toast should be! About the insistence of my doctors that I STOP EATING BREAD….I can’t stop, the Ikich 4 toasted sourdough bread is so good, I may just have to buy one for all my mates… NOT. I’m sorry, if you can’t think enough for your toast, then you don’t have hope….

Top Review for Critical

It’s a fair amount, so you get credit for it.

However as opposed to toasting equally around the entire slot, the toast is spaced to match two slices in each slot.

So if you have two standard slices of white bread, it does fine, although the middle would be much less toasted than the left and right sides if you’re toasting a long slice of bread (say sourdough).

While being a relatively tall unit, the slots are still not very large.

When toasting, even regular slices of bread kind of protrude from the top somewhat.

I replaced an old kitchen aid toaster, and while in some ways this machine is changing, the shortcomings mentioned above render it more of a side-grade than an improvement..

Elite Gourmet ECT-3100 Maxi-Matic 4 Slice Long Toaster with Extra Wide 1.5″ Slot for Bread, Bagels

Top Positive Review

Overall, for the price, I think this is a great toaster. It’s pretty easy to clean and on our countertop it looks good. At precisely the amount of brown-ness I needed, toast still comes out. That being said, this is an excessively excited toaster and your toast will go. Often with the pace at which it vigorously drops my toast on the table, I honestly think it is pissed off at me. So now after bringing the bread in, I put up the pastry rack because it blocks the toast from flying. Much of it sometimes, anyway.

All that being said, I really prefer a very cool and collected toaster to an energetic one where the toast could get stuck and what not.

Top Critical Review

For an affordable standard model, this toaster is perfect. I was surprised that there was no toasting bagel setting for only one hand. A plus is the warming rack feature. My big concern with this vendor, and the explanation for the three stars, is that in return for a five-star rating, they promised to extend the warranty for 6 months. I condemn this trend of bribing buyers for positive ratings adamantly. I want it to be frank and impartial for feedback. I’ll never buy from this business again for this purpose.

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