Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Pressure Washing Machine

A pressure washing machine is a type of equipment with water passing through it under intense pressure. Pressure washing machines Are essential kits for cleaning tasks. The kits are imperative in washing away and eliminating grime and stubborn dirt on surfaces such as cars, walls, driveway, wheelie bin, furniture, and decks. Pressure washers function under a similar principle that the water intakes into the machine at low pressure, then an electric/petrol motor pumps the water at an excessive pressure.

Pressure washers are efficient in eliminating dirt, oil, mud, algae, leaves, and debris within gardens and buildings. The equipment comes with attachment accessories and replacement components for varying pressure washing tasks. The selections of attachments include nozzles, brushes, interchangeable wands, and detergents. Depending on the purpose you intend to use your pressure washing machine for, consider some following features;

Water flow rate and pressure: The flow rate in a pressure washer is measured in liters per minute/hour. Force is expressed in pounds per square inch. For a commercial pressure washer, pressure can range between 1000 psi to 4000 psi. High water flow promotes efficient cleaning and rinsing capability.

Usability features: Consider weight and wheels for easy mobility. Check on hose length and cord length for electric models.

Price: Due to modern technological advancements, the market avails genuine power washing near me that caters to any kind of budget.

Engine/Motor Size: For petrol pressure washers, check the horsepower and cubic centimeters (cc). Electric models feature wattage and volts. The higher the horsepower and watts on the pressure washer model, the more powerful it is.

Water Butt Connectivity: Compatible water butt connection allows you to connect your pressure washer to a source at ease.

Handles and wheels: For larger tasks such as deck cleaning, consider pressure washers with moving ability to maneuver during functions.

Usage for Pressure washer

  • Cleaning essential surfacesBefore painting. Painting requires a clean surface; hence it’s vital to clean using an appropriate pressure washer. Pressure washing blasts off stubborn dirt and flaking paint.
  • Washing cars, trailers, tractors, and vans
  • Cleaning patio, decks, gutters, and wheel bins
  • Washing outdoor power equipment, play equipment, and garden furniture
  • Washing poultry areas, dog kennels, and garden tools

Types of pressure washers

Electric pressure washer

The electric pressure washers are more suited for home cleaning than petrol pressure washers. They are light and straightforward to start with a touch of a button. You require the machine into a compatible outlet extension. Electric pressure washers perform exceptionally for light-duty tasks. They are quieter and offer limited mobility.

Petrol pressure washer

They are suitable for regular heavy-duty work as they feature more power. Petrol pressure washing machine offers more large scale use and more mobility because they don’t require a power outlet.

Gas pressure washers

They vary from medium to heavy-duty models owing more power with a manual pull start. The mobility is quite friendly depending on the proximity of the cleaning task.

Cold water pressure cleaning

This entails cleaning surfaces by combining cleaning soaps, chemicals, and spray impact. The cleaning is primarily effective on surfaces with no oil or grease.

Hot water cleaning

This type of cleaning is suitable on an oily and greasy surface. The hot water makes cleaning quicker as it loosens dirt, grease, and oil at ease. The inbuilt heating coil uses kerosene or diesel to heat the water to 330Of.


Pressure washing is highly effective in cleaning crevices and cracks. High-pressure washing is relatively not suitable for window panes as the pressure may crack the glass panel. It’s recommended to test the spray nozzle on an inconspicuous area and adjust the pressure depending on the surface. Consider using a versatile power washer to blast outdoor dirt.


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