How to cut costs in a living room makeover

It might not carry the same weight (at least from a valuation perspective) as a new kitchen, but few would disagree that living rooms are always prioritized when it comes to our renovation bucket lists.

Of course, like any room in the house, costs for these projects can quickly spiral out of control. We may spot inspiration in the home decor magazines but when it comes to the crunch, implementing such ideas often creates large holes in our pockets.

As such, through today’s article we’ll now take a look at some interior hacks which can help you remodel your living room on a budget.

Opt for light colored furniture

Light colors are the key to making a room appear larger than it actually is. It’s not just the flooring that can be painted, but also your walls and even some of your furniture pieces too! If you’re after an affordable way to make a living room look bigger, then this is one of the best interior hacks out there. The lighter shades will help reflect more natural light into the space which in turn makes it feel brighter and more spacious. A quick Google search will bring up plenty of examples where this has been done successfully so if you want to try something new with your living room decorating project, why not give it a go?

Go vertical with wall storage units

Wall mounted storage units are ideal for any home as they offer both style and practicality in equal measure. They’ll add extra functionality without taking up valuable floor space while at the same time giving off an airy vibe that’s perfect for modern homes or those who prefer minimalistic interiors over traditional styles. Wall mounted shelving systems can often be found on sale from popular online retailers such so don’t forget to keep an eye out when shopping around, as prices do tend to fluctuate quite frequently (often down).

An important point to note here is to make sure that you ‘complete the job’ and fill the units with accessories. These flowers from Avas Flowers are one idea and can add a touch of excitement to those rooms in need. Avas Flowers have more examples of vibrant floral designs over here, while there are also some Avas Flowers discount codes on this website if you want to go one step further.

Make use of multi-purpose furniture

It’s also always worth thinking about the pieces that you buy and how they can be used in other rooms too. This is especially true when it comes to sofas as these items are often a focal point for any home. By opting for a sofa bed or one with removable cushions, you’ll be able to enjoy extra space during the day while at night transforming it into an extra sleeping area should guests come over unexpectedly (and if you’ve got kids running around, this will certainly happen!). If you don’t have enough floor space, or budget, for two separate sofas then why not opt for one large L shaped sofa instead? This style of seating arrangement allows people to sit close together but also gives them some personal space at the same time which is ideal if there are several family members who all want their own ‘space’.

Look out for discounted accessories

Accessories such as lamps and vases may seem like small details but they can really help tie everything together nicely within a room. However, even though these items might look great on display shelves or tables throughout your home, many people end up neglecting them once they get bored with them after just a few months! As such, retailers tend to sell off their remaining stock from previous seasons at heavily reduced prices towards the end of each year – so keep an eye out! You could even consider buying some cheap DIY ideas online before creating your own bespoke versions using things that are already lying around in your house (like old paint tins). These smaller touches can really add something special without breaking the bank!

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