How to Properly DIY Minor Plumbing Projects

Homeowners themselves could fix tons of plumbing issues. By doing so, you could save hundreds of dollars that you would have spent when you call for professional 24/7 plumbing services Sydney. But even the simplest of these problems could become worse if you don’t know how to DIY the solution properly.

So, if you’re planning on DIY-ing some minor plumbing fixes, you at least need to learn the basics and some tips to help you.

Know the location of the main valves

Before you touch any tools or pipe, you should always know where the location of the main valves is. Sometimes, they are located outdoors. This is essential if you’re moving into a new home. You should also acquaint yourself with the main drain lines, which valve connects to what, and the access points to your home’s sewer line.

Have the right equipment

Professional plumbers have a wide variety of tools that they use for work. While you don’t have to get all of the tools they use, you at least should have a good selection of the basic tools. These include the following:

  • Basin wrench
  • Pipe wrench
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Tongue-and-groove pliers
  • Compression sleeve puller
  • Plunger
  • Drain auger or drain snake
  • Tubing cutter
  • Plumber’s tape or Teflon tape

Always have these stored at home, so you don’t have to run to a shop to buy a tool if the need arises. Some of these tools also work with other DIY projects at home.

Never over-tighten and never puncture

Two of the most essential “nevers” of plumbing: never over-tighten fittings and never puncture pipes.

One of the most common DIY plumbing mistakes people make is over-tighten connections and fittings. We often think that when a fitting is tight, the water won’t be able to damage it anymore. The tighter, the better, right? Wrong. Over-tightening can actually lead to stripped screws and broken bolts. Instead of fixing the problem, you’re basically adding another issue on top of the first one you’re trying to resolve.

Another important tip is never to puncture pipes, which is something that many, thankfully, follow. However, there are times when we accidentally or unknowingly puncture lines, especially the ones in our walls. Whether you’re doing renovations or simply drilling a hole in the wall to put a mirror up, always know where the pipes are located and avoid these places when you can. You can get an endoscopic camera to snake through the walls and see where the pipes are, or simply get a cheaper stud finder.

Replace faucet cartridges or toilet flapper

Many major plumbing issues are caused by minor ones that you can actually fix on your own. When it comes to replacing toilet or faucet parts, you can skip professional plumbing services Sydney and do them on your own–provided that you follow the instructions on the replacement parts that you buy.

Toilet flapper replacement can be easily bought and comes with easy-to-follow instructions. But if you leave this part to get worn down, it may actually start to cause leaks in your toilet bowl and tank, which means you’ll have to tackle more complicated issues or find a professional, costing you hundreds. The same goes for faucet interiors.

Invest in a wet/dry vacuum

One of the most common plumbing issues we have is when we drop an object in the toilet. Many of us would reach the plunger to try and remove the item, while some would actually leave it be and hope it will go down the drain on its own. But there’s actually an easy answer to this dilemma: a wet/dry vacuum.

A plunger, which is many’s first choices, might make the matter worse. Instead of pulling the object out, it might push it deeper, possibly clogging the drain. However, a wet/dry vacuum allows you to suck the water out along with the obstruction, making sure it doesn’t obstruct the drain.

Know when to call a professional

Perhaps the most important tip of all is to know when to call for a professional plumbing company. You can only resolve minor issues but leave the more significant repairs and replacements to the professionals since they have the right tools and knowledge to fix the problem immediately. Plus, they can finish the work much faster than when you attempt to resolve it.

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