How to Take Care of Your Winter Coats

A thick and comfortable coat is necessary, especially for a chilly morning and a full-blown winter season. Owning at least one winter coat is a good investment. It can last you for a long time. But only if you take good care of it.

We all have our favorite coats that we often wear during the cold months. Indeed, getting the appropriate clothing to protect yourself from the torments of winter is a sound investment. However, it’s crucial to know how to properly take care of these winter clothes, your winter coats most specifically. Winter coats are like the fur of a bear; they’re thick. Taking good care of a winter coat means putting a premium on protecting yourself from the harsh nature of the cold.

If you do, you won’t have to buy new winter coats every time winter comes along. If you don’t know how then today is your lucky day. These timely tips below can help you make your winter coat look like it’s fresh out of the boutique you bought it from.

Wash Them Properly

Like every clothing you own in your wardrobe, a winter coat must be washed and cleaned thoroughly. For heavy stains on thicker fabrics, using your washing machine might not be the best idea as they can only remove so little on your coat.

Worse, indoor pollutants could stick to your winter clothes when you use the washing machine, and our coats are not an exception.

Handwashing using soft water is the most preferred method. Why soft water, you ask? This is because soft water is a more effective cleaning agent than our usual hard water. And white fabrics come out looking brighter because soft water lacks mineral deposits that usually affect our coats’ color.

This can be tricky, though. Our tap water is hard. It contains high amounts of dissolved magnesium and calcium, which, if not treated, can cause soiling on your precious winter coat. Using a water-softening system is wise in this department. A good system can take away harmful chemicals from your water, allowing you to clean your wardrobe up better, not to mention take good care of your skin and hair like never before.

Remove Extra Weight

Our coats commonly have big pockets that are convenient for storing our things when we wear them. But the extra weight will eventually affect the shape of our coat. Make sure to empty your pockets after every use. For ladies who usually store their cosmetics inside their coats, stop the practice. As those beauty products can heavily stain it and even laundry might not take care of the problem.

Wear It with a Scarf

Even in a cold atmosphere, a busy person can still sweat on a long day. And for individuals, mostly ladies who often wear their favorite coats with full glam makeup, partnering the coat with a scarf is spot on. It not only keeps a warm neck on a busy day, but it also prevents oil stains and makeup residues from touching the collar of your winter coat.

Regular Brushing

A good tip for a long-lasting winter coat is to brush it regularly. No matter what fabric or material it is, a coat can last for years with proper care. Fluffy pieces and particles can stick and pollute the inside of your coat, and so tending it with a lint roller now and then can help get rid of those dirty particles.

The exterior of your coat is even more prone to unwanted elements and dirt. And if you don’t address it immediately, your coat will eventually deteriorate. A quick brush with a lint roller before you put it away will make it last for a long time.

Get a Proper Hanger

If you think a wire hanger can support your thick coat just because you use it on your other clothes, you’re wrong. As we all know, winter clothes are heavier, so they need extra support to maintain their shape.

Coat hangers that are padded or wooden hangers are more efficient in hanging and displaying your winter coat to your wardrobe. With this, you can use it for the next upcoming winter season without breaking a sweat.

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