Is My Home Good For Solar

You might be wondering if solar is cost-effective if you are considering going solar. Are my roof and walls suitable for solar panels Is solar energy sufficient to generate enough electricity to power my house? Which solar panel manufacturer is the best?

It’s not surprising that homeowners love the sun’s power. You can reduce your electricity costs and increase the value of your home by installing solar PV. In addition, you will also be helping the environment. It’s easier to shop for solar if you know that your home and solar are a good match. Not all homes are suitable for solar. Find out if your house is suitable for a solar power system. These are the essential qualifications you need to know.

Roof Condition and Shading

  • It used to be that solar investment was only possible if your roof faced south. Although solar panels produce more electricity when they face south, it’s not true that solar panels are more efficient if they face east or west. Even though your roof is not facing entirely south, you can still reap significant solar savings.
  • South-facing roofs work best. However, east- and west-facing roofs can produce enough energy to reduce your carbon footprint, pay less for electricity, and help you save money. Ideal roofs have a pitch of 30 degrees. However, solar panels can still be used if the pitch is between 15 and 40 degrees. You can also go solar if your roof has a flat pitch by mounting your panels at the right angle.

Electric Bill

  • The first step to determining if your house is a good candidate for solar is knowing how much energy you use. It is important to ask yourself if it will save you money. Electricity can be very affordable in certain areas. The electricity bill is a monthly expense that homeowners with large homes pay. Solar is most financially beneficial for those who have a minimum $75 monthly electricity bill. Why? Because going solar replaces utility energy with solar energy, and our customers can see a return on investment by funding less.

What is the age of your roof?

  • The life expectancy of solar panel systems is up to 20 years. This is why they are so worth the investment. But, it can be expensive to remove them. It is worth considering replacing your roof before your solar PV system is installed. Solar panels can prolong your roof’s lifespan by protecting it from the elements. This will allow you to be sure that your new roof is protected.

Are you still unsure if investing in solar energy on your roof is the right choice? There are many options that will still allow you to save significant amounts of money on your solar energy. If you have the space, you can put solar panels on your garage or carport. You can also install ground-mounted panels on your patio. You can find out if solar panels are right for you by comparing multiple offers from different solar companies.

This article was written by a solar expert at Solar Tech Elec. Solar Tech Elec is one of the premier solar power companies in Florida with expanded services in North Charleston, and South Carolina. They work with homeowners to install photovoltaic systems and provide them with a way to save money on their energy bills, protect themselves against rising electricity prices and be part of the solution for clean renewable energy.

Author: Connie S. Goforth

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