Taking care of your heating system

The heating system has become an integral part of our lives and frequently maintaining it ensures it works effectively. A well-maintained heating system reduces energy usage lowering monthly bill, increases comfort and extend the equipment lifespan. Taking care of your heating system ensures you don’t compromise on your family health and happiness during winter. Here some tips.

Check out the Heat Pump

Caring and maintaining the heat pump will ensure the whole heating system works efficiently during the winter season. During winter, check and remove ice assembling from the heat pump to prevent frozen blades, causing the breakdown of the unit. Clean the heat pump outdoor coils to remove debris and dirt. Ensure the unit return air can travel well by unblocking the hampered airflow. Clean and maintain the location around the heat pump. This is to remove unwanted debris like dirt and leaves that may find its way inside the heat pump, thus affecting its competence.

Clean/replace the Filters

The heating unit filter helps in delivering warm air to your home. It’s located where the system return duct enters the furnace. The filter removes unwanted particulate like dust, pollen, dust mites, spores, pet dander, and bacteria before they enter to the heater. Clogged filters may pass allergens, and dust harming your family health and also cause inadequate airflow. Please change your filters monthly or quarterly, depending on their quality.

Clean the Central Heating System

The central heating unit, especially the boiler, may breakdown becoming inefficient due to magnetite build-up. The pipes may become clogged, reducing their performance. And the radiators may get affected by the cold spots making it hard for them to keep up with the heating demands. Use chemicals to clean the system and break down debris. This will ensure the heating system circulates perfectly.

Check out the Blower Motor

The heating unit blower motor helps the fan in providing air movement. A furnace heating element work is heating the heat exchanger until the desired temperature is acquired. And the blower motor helps in pushing the air throughout the heat exchanger. The process helps to warm the air and distribute it to your home. Check out for noisy blowers that may indicate a problem either in the blower wheel or electric motor. Shrill, high sounds may indicate grinding against two metal surfaces. Call a trained technician to identify the problem source and perform or opt to replace your heating system to lower energy costs and improve efficiency.

Conduct Professional Seal

Contact a professional heating specialist to perform a thoroughly heating system inspected yearly to ensure it’s functioning ideally. Schedule the visit before the peak season. Let the technician check out filters, ducts, coils, etc, and also check for leaks. Catching up the problem with the heating system will reduce repair costs and keep the system healthy.

A well-maintained heating system provides health benefits to your family. This is by ensuring your home feel and stays healthy, thus giving you peace of mind.

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