The Art of Stocking a Home Bar

After you have contracted Dawnvale to complete your home bar, you may think that all you need is a few stools, glasses and of course alcohol for your bar to be complete. However, you will soon find out that there is much more to stocking a home bar than meets the eye.

If you want to impress a date or entertain some friends, then you will have to learnt the art of stocking a home bar. Building is the bar is the hard part, now comes the subtle part.

The following outlines how you stock a home bar:

Buy Alcohol you Drink

As much as you may use your bar for entertaining others, you will be the one who spends the most time at the bar. If you do not buy that you like drinking, you may end up spending a fortune buying drinks that no one actually takes.

By buying your favorite brands of liquor, you get to enjoy time in your own bar which took much money and effort to build. Even when you entertain others it is an opportunity to showcase your unique tastes with others.

Start Small

The most ignored aspect of starting a home bar is starting small. Most people try to rival commercial bars right out of the gate. Doing so defeats the purpose of actually designing and building a home bar.

It will also seem like a tough challenge and you may be filled with regret later on if you decide to change elements of the bar. You should start small with everything.

Buy a single stool and a few glasses. Also buy just a little alcohol. With time you will discover what is needed and you make more informed choices about your purchases.

Stocking a home bar is akin to a marathon not a sprint.

Glassware and Accessories

Glasses are one of the most vital components of a bar. It makes no sense to have alcohol without anything from which to drink it.

Moreover, you have so many options as it pertains to glassware so it makes sense to take your time. Other than your own glasses, figure out which glasses others use and proceed to buy those which may include wine glasses, beer mugs and martini glasses.

You will also need other crucial bar accompaniments such as napkins, shakers and a mixology recipe book among others. Some entertainment such a music player is also important to a home bar.


Though there are many other elements to a home bar, one that you cannot do without is storage. Your bar will contain nothing without the appropriate storage devices.

A fridge for cold drinks is a must have. You will also need ice for drinks which the fridge will contain.

Cabinets for glasses and drinks are also important. However, you can go with another option such as shelves or a wide rack.

Storage space will also be quite helpful when entertaining others. Without it, you will tire yourself out constantly running to get more.

As you can see stocking a home bar is an intricate process of trial and error. When you get it right, your home bar can be a place of incredible relaxation.

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