Why do you Need Water Filters and can AquaOx Help?

You probably know that preserving the environment in the world is one of the topics that deserve the most attention right now. People need to do everything they can to take care of the planet and help it flourish as it has been for thousands of years before.

It’s not just about the planet anymore, though. Ruining it means getting cut off from the main sources that we need for us to thrive too. There are over a billion people in the world that are not getting fresh water and they struggle to continue living healthy and well.

The western world also has problems on its own with cities that have old lead pipes filled with toxic materials that are not safe for humans. This is why we say lots of places around the world have no pure drinkable water, and we all need to do something about this problem.

However, most of us think there’s nothing wrong. We see how our faucets are turned on, and something completely normal comes out of them. The only thing is that we can’t see bacteria and microscopic substances that might kill us.

We all deserve pure water, and we all need to do something about it. If the governments and people paid to do this fail, then we must protect ourselves. The best thing we can do is install water filters. If you don’t know why this is crucial, just see what a filter may change.

A filter will remove all toxins

Installing AquaOx water filters will detain the toxins and only provide clean water in our faucets and other points of access that appliances use. With so much heavy industry all around the big cities, there’s almost no spring left that will provide pure and clean drinkable water.

The plants providing the cities need to install their filters and fill the pipes with chlorine or other solutions to make them useful. However, even then it comes to our homes imperfect. The pipes in many cities are obsolete. They were installed more than 50 years ago and are often made of lead.

Lead is extremely dangerous

Lead pipes are disastrous for humans. With decades of rusting, these pipes are now made a toxic bomb for everyone consuming what’s flowing through them. Lead dissolves in the fluid and goes with it to our faucets. We then drink it and absorb the negative effects.

Those that are not aware of how dangerous lead is, should know that science has proven the negative effects, and they are scary. From cardiovascular problems leading to strokes to reproductive conditions leaving people childless.

Kids are also suffering by developing anemia, hearing problems, lower IQ, and other things. Exposure to small quantities is scary, while a big concentration of this component will result in death. When we say low concentration, we’re talking in micrograms, but constant exposure will surely do this. See more about how lead can hurt you on this link.

Skin irritations and cancer are also a possibility

Some might say that they’ll solve the problem by buying bottled water and only drinking this product. It’s a good solution for avoiding the toxins while drinking, but you still need to shower, wash the dishes, take care of the dirty clothes, and all these things need tap water.

This is why bottles and pitches are not the best solutions, but only something that will fool you to be safe. The only solution is installing a filter on your main pipe that will take care of it as it enters your house.

How do these filters do?

These filters, like the one we mentioned in the title, have six different components, or mediums inside them, that will purify the liquid going through it and provide clean and perfect water that you can use for anything you like.

They are made specifically to capture the toxins and the ingredients that may harm us. Scientists know what can be found in pipes, and they created these filters to act as a magnet for the toxins. The filter takes them out in 99.9% making us sure that we’re safe. Learn more about filters here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_purification.


If you want to be entirely safe and be sure that you won’t experience particular health issues because of bad water coming off your faucet, then you need to install the filters on your main pipe. This way, you’ll be safe at all times. Most of these filters are self-regulating so you don’t have to worry about maintaining them or cleaning the buildup.

Moreover, they will also clean the buildup on your faucets and appliances, keep your health to a perfect level, and you’ll sleep tight knowing that you’re not getting some diseases from the poor water you’ve been consuming at home.

Author: Connie S. Goforth

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