How to Protect Your Carpet When You Get a New Puppy

How to Protect Your Carpet When You Get a New Puppy

Puppies are awesome. On this we can all pretty much agree. But behind that cute nose, floppy ears, and wagging tail is an imminent threat to your beautiful carpet. It’s not your pooch’s fault. The pup hasn’t been properly trained to wait to go outside when nature calls.

That’s why it’s so vital to start that training immediately. The younger you start housebreaking them, the quicker they’ll figure out that going to the bathroom is done outside, not in.

Your puppy doesn’t know the difference between making a mess on the carpet and making a mess outdoors, all they know is that it’s time to pee. The responsibility for keeping the carpet stain and odor free lies entirely on your shoulders until you’ve trained the dog correctly.

One thing to keep in mind is that puppies, especially very young pups, can’t hold their bladders for very long. So getting into the habit of taking the pup out for a walk on a routine basis will not just help them understand that the bathroom is outdoors but it will be a lot easier on your carpet as well.

Taking the puppy out right when you wake up, around mealtime, and in the evening at bedtime will get them into the habit of doing their business where he or she is supposed to do it.

But look, mistakes can (and will) happen and there are some things you should and should not do.

In Case of Emergency

The do’s and dont’s are simple. You do want to have an emergency stain removal solution ready at all times. There are many really good products out there that can keep your carpet protected from urine and feces that have been deposited on your pristine carpet. These cleaners can help to eliminate odors and minimize stains that are left behind after clean-up.

As with all spills on the carpet, it’s very important to clean them up as fast as possible. So if you are present when the puppy starts to make a mess on the carpet, address it immediately. Depending on what kind of mess is being made, you may want to let the puppy finish. Picking him or her up and running out of the house could just spread the mess across the carpet instead of containing it one area alone.

Thorough cleaning will prevent your puppy from returning to that same spot to go to the bathroom again. If the dog smells a familiar odor, he or she will think that is to be used over and over as a place to relieve itself.

You DO NOT want to scold or punish the dog by rubbing their nose in the mess and yelling at them. This will only make the dog think that going to the bathroom is a bad thing and that is not the kind of reinforcement you want to promote.

Deterrent Products

One of the more popular products that pet owners will use to keep the puppy from peeing on the carpet are pet deterrent sprays. These are designed to prevent the pet from returning to the scene of their previous bathroom. The spray has an aroma that your puppy won’t like and that will keep him or her away from that area.

Don’t worry, you won’t smell it. You won’t even know it’s there and it won’t damage the carpet in any fashion either. Only your puppy will detect it and he or she will find it most foul, keeping them at bay.

Move the Furniture

Move the Furniture

If you notice that your puppy is going to the bathroom on your carpet in one specific spot and the pet deterrents aren’t getting the job done, you can always make that spot unavailable.

After you clean the spot thoroughly and try to remove any inviting odors for the pooch, move some piece of furniture, a plant, a decorative piece, anything in that area. This will preclude your puppy from going back since he or she won’t be able to access that part of the carpet anymore.

This will help in getting the puppy housebroken and protect that region of the carpet. Of course, if the puppy is piddling directly in the center of the room, then you may need to get a little more creative about limiting the access to that area. It might make sense to close off that room entirely if possible.

Professional Cleaning

Sometimes even your best efforts aren’t enough to save your carpet from getting messy. That’s when it’s time to call Chem-Dry cleaning services. Cleaning your carpet professionally can act as a reset of sorts, removing all odors and stains to keep your puppy from returning to use your carpet as a toilet again.

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