Basics of calculating basement waterproofing cost

A dry basement saves you from many house issues such as mold growth, cracks, and structural damage. Basement waterproofing is the best option to secure your basement from leakage issues. It remarkably enhances the value of your home. But, before going for it, you should assess the basement waterproofing cost. It is a slightly tricky question. It differs in price significantly depending on several aspects.

The method selected for basement waterproofing is the first aspect that impacts your basement waterproofing cost. Interior and exterior basement waterproofing are durable remedies for a wet basement and need more effort than quick fixes such as sealant, which are not durable and practical. They will not work if there is a significant amount of damage.

Exterior waterproofing proves to be the costliest method. It is because of the extensive amount of work needed. The area should be excavated down to the foundation footings. After removing old weeping tile, the cracks are filled with hydraulic cement. A mesh membrane and new weeping tile are installed. Lastly, it is filled in and topped with a gravel layer. The procedure is priced at $100 per square foot, though it can go as high as $300 per square foot.

Interior weeping is comparatively cheaper. The interior flooring of the basement is dug out, and weeping tile is installed and linked to a sump pump or drain. Gravel is added to the weeping tile, and concrete is poured for finishing. Interior waterproofing may range from $70 to 200 per square foot.

The material used for waterproofing also affects the cost. Low-quality materials may not last long like expensive options. The amount of damage will determine the materials needed.

Apart from the material, labor also adds to your basement waterproofing cost. Other than that, the excavation level has a role in the cost of waterproofing. Usually, foundations are 6 to 8ft. deep. The deeper you dig, the costlier it gets because of the rise in labor and materials needed to finish the work.

If extra flooding prevention tools are needed, it will further increase your basement waterproofing cost. Sometimes a sump pump is installed, which costs around $500 to 35000, depending on the variety of pump and if a pit is needed to be dug. Backwater valves are priced between $1500 to $3500 depending on their placement and depth. Sometimes you may also need a crack repair which costs between $1500 to 3000. This depends on the size, depth, and placement of the crack. If it is structural damage, it needs enhanced repairing and can cost you higher.

Window wells are also essential when going for basement waterproofing. They offer the proper drainage and prevent the water from reaching the foundation. Repairing it or a new installation can cost between $1700 to 3800.

Though basement waterproofing is a costly affair, it is undoubtedly an excellent long-term investment for your home. Hire a professional basement waterproofing company to do it for you so that it lasts for decades and ensures your house is secure from flooding and leaks. With basement waterproofing, you can enhance the life and value of your property.

Author: Connie S. Goforth

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