Tips to choose Tips for choosing between an attached or detached garage

When selecting between a detached and attached garage for your house, ask a few questions to yourself. Do you want your garage to be customized? Do you want to use your garage to store your car, or do you want to use it for your work too? And lastly, know everything about the permitting laws of your city and what regulations apply to creating either kind of garage?

Once you have the answers to all the questions, here are the pros and cons you can derive from both types of garages as compiled by a professional Calgary garage builder:

Detached garages:

Detached garages have acquired fame as people are fed up with the usual look that properties develop with an attached garage. Offering a more unique and new look by allowing your house to stand out, detached garages have these pros and cons:


  • Personalization: According to your lot layout, a detached garage offers an amazing opportunity to personalize it as per your requirement. Covered within your property line and required regulations of your city, you can create an oversized detached garage that accommodates all your cars and offers a great workspace and storage option for your tools. It can also work as a gaming space for your kids.
  • Space: Detached garages have the potential to be extended in the coming time in case your storage requirements are more. As long as you can get permission, you have the property available, and your home’s layout does not restrict you, you can expand it as much as you want.
  • Safety: If a burglar enters your detached garage, your prized possessions and family are safe from them. You can enhance your detached garage safety with low overall expense as the area being safeguarded is not as big as your house.


The only con of a detached garage is that you have to walk through the bad weather to your home. If you bring groceries, you will face slightly more hassle than an attached garage.

Attached garage

The attached garages offer convenience when it comes to car parking. It enhances the aesthetic of your home and boosts its curb appeal. Some of the advantages you can get from it are:


  • Convenience: You don’t want to walk the aisle to reach your home after parking the car in the garage in -10 degree C weather. And, when you have groceries, you surely don’t want to carry them all the way to reach your house.
  • Low cost: When constructing an attached garage, you can save money during the construction because there will be walls from before. The attached garages are smaller; hence the overall construction cost is less.


The only concern with attached garages is security and zoning. Hence, you should check the permits properly before building them. And make sure you have the best safety for your garage as an attached garage may prove to work as an entrance of your house for burglars.

Whether you select an attached garage or a detached garage, the major goal is to protect your car and get some workspace. Contact a reputable Calgary garage builder today if you want to get a garage constructed.

Author: Connie S. Goforth

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