Avoid Issues with Your Landlord Before Leaving Your Property with These Tips  

At the end of your property lease, you want to avoid issues with your landlord. You want to make it easy to claim your deposit and leave without any problem at all. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some people end up in fights with their landlord, and in worst cases, legal challenges. These tips will help you avoid those dramas as you are about to begin your new life in another place.

Check the contract terms

Months before you finish the lease, you need to review the terms of the deal again. You might need to revisit the number of months necessary before the end for you to inform your landlord about it. Failure to notify your landlord about your decision not to extend the lease could lead to trouble. Usually, you need one month notice to give enough time for the landlord to put the property back on the market for new tenants to come in. It is unfair if you do not do this and it is understandable for your landlord to have an adverse reaction.

Repair damages

After years of staying in the property, you could end up with repair issues. It is crucial that you take time to check all of these problems. Ask an expert to come over and repair them. You need to restore the place to its original condition. However, you need to be careful with some changes like repainting as it requires you to seek permission to change the paint colour.

A cleaning service is necessary

You need help from cleaning companies like House Clearance Tewkesbury. After packing your things, the room is now empty. If you are in a hurry and you have no time to clean the place yourself, you can ask the cleaning staff to come over and do the job. They will make the place sparkle as if it were new. You might have to make a reservation though for the specific date that you require the service. It also needs to be days ahead of the scheduled check of your landlord.

Conduct an inventory

Some landlords will give you the chance to use furniture that is already in the property when you moved in. You need to ensure that it is all in good condition before leaving. Do not take anything with you. Conduct an inventory of the things that you packed and left behind to ensure that you did not grab anything that does not belong to you.

Leave a thank you note

Once you are ready to leave, the last thing to do is write a thank you note to your landlord. Whether you had a good run with them or not, the point is that you got the chance to stay in a property when you needed it. You chose it because it had everything that you needed and was within your budget. It would have been a lot more challenging for you if you had not had the opportunity to stay there.

By doing these things, you will be ready to leave without any issue with your landlord.

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