Everything You Need to Know about Upholstery Sewing Threads

Upholstery sewing can be an easy feat to overcome if you know the basics and understand that it requires different threads. There are different kinds of upholstery sewing threads available in the market that would cater to your needs and of course to the material you would be working on. It is important to know this because the durability of your finished product or your repaired upholstered furniture would greatly depend on the type of sewing thread you would use for it. It does not only and completely rely on the colour you would use to match your sewing projects, but there are actually different kinds and strengths of upholstery sewing threads available that would best fit the type of material you would use for you upholstered pieces of furniture.

Fabrics Used for Upholstery

Fabrics used for upholstery are different from the fabrics used in sewing most of your clothes. Fabrics used in upholstered pieces of furniture range from being very delicate fabrics, to really heavy and thick ones. Each fabric, whether soft and delicate or thick and heavy, have different properties that may have an effect to how you sew it. For example, one of the most commonly used fabrics for sewing upholstery pieces is leather. Leather is on the heavier and thicker kinds of fabrics, that is why it requires a thread that is highly durable and could easily sew into it. Similar fabrics to leather include but are not limited to acetate, nylon, and canvass fabrics. On the other hand, there are softer fabrics you could also choose from which are velvet, linen, cotton, and silk just to name a few. Choosing the perfect thread that would give you a great sew ability on the fabric you would like to work with would make all of your work easier by tenfold.

Nylon Threads for Heavier Fabrics

If you want to work with heavier materials such as leather, nylon is a great thread choice to use. Among the other kinds of threads, it has the most resistance. It exhibits a special lubrication which allows for it to endure going through high temperatures. Because of its lubrication, it does not stain and break easily as well.

Polyester Threads for Greater Sew Ability

If you want to use a thread with ease and great sew ability, then you should try polyester type of threads. It has a great durability, so you would always be assured of high quality stitches but at the same time, it gives you great elasticity so that you could easily sew in and out of your fabric with ease.

Poly Cotton Threads for Authenticity

Cotton threads have a natural authenticity to them which adds class and timelessness to any upholstered furniture made. But if you add the properties of polyester to it to come up with poly cotton threads, you would also get the durability, sew ability, and stretch ability necessary to make durable and quality products.

Spun Threads for Basic Sewing

The way a pool of thread is put together can also have a bearing to its durability and tensile properties. Spun threads are perfect for basic products which do not require a super durable stitch because it is only pooled together through single spun yarns being twisted together. With this kind, you may only be limited to certain softer fabrics.

Core Spun Threads for Added Durability

Core spun threads are basically pooled together in the same concept as spun threads but what gives it added durability is the fact that it is wrapped and finished with a filament polyester fibre. This fibre wrapping gives the thread higher resiliency to heat, making it more durable and could be used with thicker fabrics.

Bonded Threads for Heavier Fabrics

If you plan to work on heavier and thicker fabrics like leather for most of your fabrics, then you better stock up on bonded threads. These threads are pooled with the use of a resin to finish and cover the thread with. The resin gives the thread more strength but at the same time makes it stretchable and therefore has a great sew ability. The resin also protects the thread from absorbing too much friction giving you strong stitches with great quality output.

Bonded Nylon Threads as The Best Bet

Most upholstered pieces of furniture these days are made with heavier kinds of fabric, in fact, the most popularly used fabric these days is leather. Whether if it is for couches, car seats, or even ottomans, it is a go-to choice because of its classy and timeless look. When working with such a fabric, the best upholstery sewing thread you could choose is actually a bonded nylon thread which is one of the most durable kinds of thread available in the market for all of your upholstery needs. Because nylon threads already has great resistance and durability to begin with, pooling it through a resin bonding process would actually make it even greater.

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