Curling Cow Hide Rugs

A good cowhide rug can change the appearance of your living space. It makes your room floor stylish, rustic, and warm. You may use your cowhide rugs as the focal point or to give a minor accent to your space. The rugs have a natural beauty so you may use them in almost any room. The rugs are durable and easy to maintain.

Curling edges can take away from the good looks of your rug. If you do not fix your curled cowhide rug edges on time, you may trip over them and get injured.

Why Do the Rugs Curl?

The most common cause of curled edges is of poor quality. This, however, does not mean that high-quality rugs cannot curl. If your rug dries out, the skin contracts and the edges may curl. Your rug may dry out because of exposure to underfloor heating or strong sun. If you do not deal with the problem fast, it may cause permanent damage.

Curling mostly occurs if your rug is placed in an area with high foot traffic or heat. If your cowhide rug has already started to dry out, you should keep it away from animal or human footsteps.

How to Tame a Curling Cowhide Rug

  1. Add some moisture at the top of your rug and beneath it. Make it slightly damp but not wet
  2. Place a towel under your rug and another one on the curling part
  3. Place some heavy books on the curling part and let them stay there overnight
  4. Place a piece of cloth over your rug and steam iron it.
  5. If the edges are still curled, you may need to trim them off. Cut it from the underside using a sharp craft knife. Do not cut your rug from the top. Cutting from the underside ensures that you cut the leather and not the hair.

Even if you manage to get the curl out of your cowhide rug, it could only be a matter of time before it curls up again. That’s part of the beauty of cowhide rugs. The method only helps your rug stay flat for a while. You may need to take the curl out of your rug once per quarter.

When buying your cowhide rugs, look for thick ones. Thinner rugs are more likely to dry out and curl than thick ones.

When cleaning your rugs, it is advisable to use as little water as possible. Do not dry them out in the sun.

Even though curling at the edges is not an obvious indication that your rug is of poor quality, low-quality rugs are highly likely to curl.

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