How to Care for and Maintain Your Bamboo Flooring

A lot of homeowners today are discovering the wonderful benefits that bamboo flooring can offer. Among other floor options, bamboo is valued for its eco-friendly properties, strength that easily rivals traditional timbers, as well as its low maintenance requirements.

Indeed, bamboo proves to need very little care. However, this should not give you the excuse to not give it the proper care it deserves. You have to keep in mind that even the strongest and most beautiful floors will wear over time. Caring for bamboo is relatively easy. You can start by sticking to the following guidelines to be assured   that your bamboo floor will remain beautiful and strong for years:

Proper Care for Bamboo Flooring

Daily Cleaning

The small particles of dirt you see on the floor may appear harmless at first sight. But overtime, these culprits dig deep down into the finish, leaving dents and scratches to the floor. Even the simple task of sweeping the floor regularly can prevent this problem. Here are some helpful steps you can follow:

Rid the floor of all debris using a vacuum, mop or broom. You need to keep in mind to only use a broom with soft bristles otherwise, it may cause scratches on the floor itself.

For bamboo floors with polyurethane finish, you can use an approved bamboo floor cleaning solutions such as Bam-Brite Bamboo Floor Cleaner or Bona Pro Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

TIP: For a natural cleaner, you can mix equal parts of white vinegar and water for removing marks. Use it sparingly as repeated use can dull the finish.

Using a microfiber mop, treat the floor with a PH balanced floor cleaning solution once a week. Always wipe the floor in the same direction as the grain.

5 Common Bamboo Flooring Problems and How to Fix Them

  1. Spills: Bamboo is more resistant to moisture damage than most hardwoods. But, it remains a threat that may cause warping and deep stains. Wipe away spills immediately.
  2. Scuff Marks: If a scratch is not too deep to damage the finish, you can easily apply a PH cleaner or a mineral oil to a soft cloth to erase or minimize the appearance of scratch.
  3. Deep Scratches: For a deeper scratch, the best thing you can do is to smear it with a coloured wax fill stick to minimize its appearance. You can also use a putty filler like Timber-mate.
  4. Fading: In contrary to what many believe, bamboo floors can be completely refinished. It can address deep gouges that give its surface a worn and damaged look.
  5. Swelling: Apart from discoloration, moisture also causes the wood to swell. If regulating humidity in the room can’t keep the wood from swelling, you may need to have your floor replaced.

What to Avoid with Bamboo Floors

Heavy Furniture – such furniture pieces are not friendly to bamboo floorings. However, if you happen to own some, placing thick pads underneath the legs will keep them from sinking into the floor.

Heeled Shoes – Likewise, high-heeled shoes and pet nails can inflict damage to the floor. Having mats and rugs in place may help reduce the chances of having the surface scratched.

TIP: Placing rugs in high-moisture-areas in the home such as bathroom and kitchen is also important to keeping the floor dry.

Direct sunlight – A concentrated ray of sunlight can fade the colours of bamboo floor overtime. You can cut down on early discoloration by using window treatments such as shades and blinds.

Wet Mopping – When it comes to cleaning your bamboo floor, the rule of thumb is to treat it with less water. A slightly damp treatment is more advisable than using a wet or soggy mop.

Steam Mopping – In the same manner, steam mops is also a bad idea since it seals in moisture into the wood.

Abrasive Detergents – Not all cleaning solutions are created equally. An abrasive detergent can corrode timber floors, so it’s better to use a PH balanced cleaner. Still, it’s important to apply it sparingly.

Wax – When used on wood floors, wax can only leave your floor looking grimy, which tends to catch even more dirt. Instead, consider using a urethane finished specifically formulated for bamboo floors.

Soap – Finally, soaps, particularly those that contain oil, can peel the protective layer of bamboo off. It’s best to stick with your PH balanced cleanser than experimenting with other solutions that may only do harm than good.

Following these tips will ensure that your bamboo floor will look beautiful as the day they’re installed. If you’re interested to know more about how to care for and maintain your bamboo flooring, give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to share our expertise and advice.

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