A guide to contemporary sofas, between design and functionality

The sofa is a piece of furniture that has its origins in the 1800s. When it was invented it was a simple wooden bench. Over the times, it has evolved in accordance with the interpretation of the style of each era, given by the designers.

Nowadays, the market offers a wide choice of contemporary sofas: classic or vintage style, modern and futuristic ones, or Empire style sofas. The models, the colors and the materials are endless. Not all, however, fit with the style of our interiors, especially the contemporary sofas.

So here is a guide to the contemporary sofa, between design and functionality.

How to choose the right one between the contemporary sofas

Well, you’ve chosen to buy a contemporary sofa for your living room, but are you sure it fits well with your interiors? The first thing you should consider is that the style of your home is suitable for a contemporary sofa.

First of all, let’s start from the outside: do you live in an flat set in a skyscraper or in a single villa in the countryside? You may think that this aspect has nothing to do with interior furnishings but it is not true. The designers affirm that interiors and exteriors of the house must always dialogue. So, a house in the countryside with terracotta or stone exteriors wall, for example, should have a more classic style or a classic style revisited in a modern key.

What about the interiors. Have you already bought your furniture for the dining room? if so, then the sofa must be chosen according to the style and the colors of the furniture.

If you have chosen very bright shades for the bookcase and the TV cabinet, you could bet on a neutral-colored sofa to soften the tones, or a matching sofa, perhaps choosing a shade that is lighter or darker than the predominant color.

On the contrary, if forniture are very modern, for example with elements in iron, steel or other metals, or if they have very sharp and defined shapes, then you could choose contemporary sofa with visible legs or with a very geometric structure that recalls the hardness of the lines of the furniture.

If your furnishing are vintage style, then the shapes will be softer. So you could choose a sofa with a rounded back or a corner sofa.

Dimensions and functionality of contemporary sofas

Another very important thing to consider when choosing the contemporary sofa are the dimensions. Remember that the modern sofas are or very large or very small. So, keep in mind how much space is available in your rooms and how to organize it.

Finally, consider which use you will make of the sofa. Does it only serve as a furnishing element? Or will it have the function of delimiting spaces? Or do you expect to use it a lot to welcome friends and organize evenings around the TV?

In the first case, you can choose a more complex contemporary sofa, made with technological fabrics and materials. In the second one instead, it will be better to focus on the modularity of a corner sofa, or a linear sofa, in order to combine it with armchairs, poufs and other mobile elements.

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