Your chair is intended to see many people there? Whether you want to put it in an airport or a mall, you know it will see all the colors and you want to be assured of its solidity. If your site welcomes several thousand people a year, it is better not to choose your US pedicure spa chair lightly. You can find a large number of ads, especially on the Internet, but how do you ensure that these chairs do not fail after 2 months only? A number of criteria are to be taken into account, we explain which ones.


An armchair that will host tens of thousands of stressed clients must be prepared. Regarding the coating, the leather is quite resistant, except for the heat and the movements of the rollers. On the other hand favor a good leather like buffalo leather, the imitation is cracking fast. And who says leather says maintenance, otherwise the rollers under the chair can quickly degrade. Cleansing milk or baby cleansing milk is effective for cleaning. A leather model is obviously more expensive: between € 3,000 and € 6,000. Manufacturers are also using elastic synthetic materials with high resistance to wear and work. Vinyl is less likely to deteriorate than leather, but it does not have the same elegance. You may not know it, but your chair works with motors that “animate” it by moving massage balls and rollers that replicate professional massage techniques. For a quality machine, you need quality parts. Do not underestimate the performance of your engines. The size of your massage rollers is important, since the larger a roll is and the wider the back will be able to massage. Your chair must be able to adapt to all the morphologies, and therefore to all the backs. The origin of the chair also helps to learn about the quality of the product. Products with EEC standards are of course recommended, as are models of Japanese or German origin (such as Siemens). Orient yourself to a material that has already been proven, and a brand known as Human Touch, Inada or Vitalform.


Your chair will host anything that can pass on your site, to know everyone. In addition to withstanding wear, it must be able to receive all the morphologies and all types of pain, especially if you are in institute. The chair is designed to imitate the techniques of professional masseurs. The more he knows and the more he will be able to treat your patients. What are these techniques? Shiatsu massage of Japanese origin, uses pressure points of the body to treat functional disorders and to properly distribute your energy in the body. The massage is both relaxing and invigorating. The rollers and massage balls will reproduce these movements by exerting pressure and rolling on the different areas of the body that you wish to treat: back, shoulders, legs, etc. Your chair must also be able to reproduce the following techniques:

  • kneadingrelieving pain and strengthening muscles. It promotes blood circulation and dispels fatigue
  • palpate-rollingrelieves back strain
  • the tapping that stimulates and strengthens the muscles
  • Compression consists of alternative flicks via a system of airbags that massage the muscles and help relieve stress
  • the “rolling” or rolling massage, which promotes muscle relaxation
  • Gripping is a technique where you grab and release your limbs repeatedly to relieve muscle pain. All armchairs do not offer it because it is a particularly difficult technique to reproduce
  • Footrests adapted to reflexology to stimulate the pressure points of the arch
  • Vibration massage willrelieve muscle stiffness in your patients
  • the heatdiffused by your chair will relax the muscles in order to best prepare them for the massage

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