Broken boiler: repair or replace?

Very few householders appreciate (or even notice) their central heating boiler until it breaks down. The warmth and hot water that it provides turns your house or flat into a home. When they break down it can be miserable!

Some boilers last for around 15 years but after that, they can become unreliable and will no longer be efficient. You may be spending more on fuel bills than you really have to and this can damage household finances.

However, choosing a new boiler is a big decision and one that you should think carefully about. Here are a few guidance notes if you are thinking of investing in a new boiler.

Do you really need a new boiler?

According to the UK Government there may be financial support available to some people to buy a new boiler to replace an older and inefficient one. However, in the absence of financial assistance, buying a new boiler is a big financial outlay so you need to think carefully about it.

You have the option of contacting an engineer who can help with boiler repair in Gloucester, such as who can let you know if it is possible to extend the life of your boiler. You should certainly contact the manufacturer to find out if any of the parts have a warranty on them for parts or labour. Then weigh up how much you could save on energy bills with the initial outlay for a new boiler.

The best new boiler for your home

A boiler is a big investment so it is important that you get it right. Combi boilers are a popular modern choice. They work by heating the water straight from the mains water supply so you get hot water immediately and only heat what you need. There are plenty of standard hot water storage cylinder systems still available where you will have a storage tank of water in your loft. You may currently have a ‘System’ boiler where you have a hot water storage cylinder tank in the loft. Whereas in older houses you may have a back boiler unit (BBU) which is a device to heat water that is located behind an electric or gas fireplace.

You can decide how much or how little of your system you want to renew depending on your budget and timescale.

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