Important Tips for Hiring a Heating and Cooling Contractor

heating contractor

Just because there are many HVAC

contractors available does not mean that all are perfect for your project. They are all different, and before you make a choice, you should do your homework. Below are some steps that will aid you along.


Before you go online and look for a heating and cooling contractor you should consult with co-workers, friends, and relatives. If they have hired the services of one in the past and they were content with the services offered, you will be in luck and your research time will be cut down significantly.

Call the references provided

When interviewing the contractors, you should request to be provided with client references. When you are provided with the list of referrals, you should ensure that you call each of them. During the call, ask about the service performance and their satisfaction with how the project was conducted. Also, be sure if they stuck to the budget continued before the start of the project.

Expect an evaluation of your home

The contractor you choose should take some time to inspect the current system in your home. Additionally, he should assess the needs of your home. This will help him determine the size and type of system your home needs.

At this point, you should note that bigger systems are not always the best. The size of the system you install is determined by the size of your home, the amount of insulation and the number of windows and openings in the house.

A great Duncan heating contractor will spend some significant amount of time inspecting the ducts for insulation and leaks and will measure the airflow to ensure that it meets the specifications by the manufacturer.

Have the Estimates in Writing

When you are comparing the heating and cooling contractors, cost is an important factor to consider. Always compare the costs of each company. With this, consider the warranties and the energy efficiency of the systems installed.

Low prices may be lucrative, but they are not always the best. Remember that you will always get what you pay for. Most times, low priced contractors use inferior products, which will cause you to spend more on energy bills later on.

Have a Contract

Before you start the project on hand with any contractor, get the proposal in ink. This will protect you by specifying the job schedule, the costs, payment methods, warranty and time taken to complete the project. You can also throw in the type of materials to be used in the project.

Payment plan

Different heating and cooling contractors have different payment plans. There are those who require 50% of the total project upfront and the remainder once the project is done. Others, however, are more flexible and require payments in 4 batches, each 25% of the total cost of the project.

But, regardless of which payment plan you prefer, you should never accept to make complete payments before the entire project is completed to your satisfaction.


Taking time to ensure that you hire the best Duncan heating contractor will save you lots of cash down the line. You will have an efficient system installed for a great price, and that will meet your home’s needs.

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