Keeping Winter At Bay In Classic Style

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Icelandic sheepskin rugs rightly enjoy a reputation for comfort and luxury, adding effortless charm to your home. The curly wool is derived from pure-bred sheep, an appealing and hardy breed that have thrived in the harshest of Icelandic conditions over centuries. Indeed, the Vikings themselves kept warm by using the prized pelts. Here at HideRugs, our Icelandic sheepskins satisfy environmental and ethical standards under EU regulations, with the sheep able to roam and forage extensively in the wild. Neither harsh chemicals nor artificial dyes are applied in the tanning process, resulting in super soft, allergy-free sheepskins that are luxuriantly supple to the touch.


The Icelandic sheep breed has a dual-coat, benefitting from a top layer of long hair which acts as a barrier to moisture, while the short hair retains body heat. The result is a deluxe wool of rich and lustrous quality. Fleece colours occur naturally, ranging from deep browns, soft greys to cosy blacks, all of which will complement your home with their colour-rich variations. Enjoy the experience of our silky soft, long-haired rugs enveloping your toes with luxuriant comfort, the perfect tonic on a chilly winter’s evening!


1950s interior design saw the rise in popularity of clean lines partnered with crisp textures, the addition of the sheepskin rug bringing depth to the modernist style. Their use was popularised by the period’s avant-garde architects and interior designers, heralding a bold and refreshing style that decluttered the home and released space for elegant soft furnishings. This mid-century modern style remains very popular today, with sheepskin rugs becoming integral accessories to the cool-toned Scandi effect. They look stunning in every room, whether adding snug charm to your bedside or effortlessly draped across chairs and sofas to create warmth and contrast cooler tones.


Wherever you have your sheepskin rug, you can be assured that it will prove a timeless and elegant statement piece for your home. With their irresistible combination of aesthetic excellence and practicality, Icelandic sheepskin rugs are made to last, are conveniently maintained, and easy to keep in pristine condition without diminishing their appeal. They make thoughtful gifts, ideal for those special occasions such as anniversaries and weddings, as well as being perfect for aiding comfort with the stretch of yoga and providing the softest of surfaces for baby’s delicate skin.

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