7 Natural Ways to Clean Tiber Floors

Timber floors add a distinct flavour to your interior design. Their quality and look are two of the reasons they are expensive to purchase and install. However, cleaning them can be a little tricky, but with some creative thinking, you can clean your timber floors and make them appear good as new for as long as you want.

Nowadays, the DIY cleaning product trend is on the rise. But, this trend is not unfamiliar to homeowners who have been using natural cleaning products for their hardwood, timber, and oak floorboards. Most household wooden floor cleaning products are just as effective as their commercial counterparts and are also easy on the budget. Another benefit of natural floor cleaning products is eco-friendliness. These cleaning products lack chemicals, which makes them safe for people and animals in their surroundings. Some households have people who are allergic to chemicals and strong scents. Furthermore, some homeowners like to make use of the products on their kitchen and bathroom shelves, instead of going to the market and buying expensive cleaning products that are potentially harmful.

Interestingly, these natural cleaning products are safe and can be used on all surfaces, including timber floors. However, before selecting a particular natural timber floor cleaner, you need to make sure whether or not it is suitable for the finish and the sealant. Furthermore, whether you use parquet flooring or straight slats in your timber floors, refrain from applying water. Water and wood do not get along well, because water makes the wood swell and rise, thus making your investment go in vain. If you are confused about cleaning your timber floor, might as well have a word with a cleaning professional or the manufacturer.

Timber floors are known for being low-maintenance, and a few damp mops can clean all pollutants off them. However, sometimes, timber floors tend to get a lot dirty, and cleaning them requires some heavy-duty cleaning products.

Let’s take a look at some of the most effective household natural cleaning products.

1. Vinegar and Water

It is not uncommon for people to clean their kitchen counters and slabs with mild vinegar. But have you ever thought about using the same vinegar on your wooden floors? You may not know, but water and vinegar together can absolve your timber floors of the unsightly dirt and grime build-up. Mix small amounts of warm water and vinegar in a spray bottle, and spray on the dirty timber floor. Now, clean thoroughly with a dry clean mop.

2. Essential Oils

Wouldn’t it be amazing to add a slight fragrance to your timber floor cleaning solution? With essential oils, you can do that. Just a few drops of the standard water and vinegar mixture, will give aroma to your wooden floors and also your living space.

3. Vegetable Oils and Vinegar

As discussed above, water is not a suitable cleaning choice for wooden floors. If you are concerned about using water on your wood floor, you are definitely on the right path. But there has to be an alternative, right? How about mixing some vegetable oil with vinegar? Just mix some vinegar and vegetable oil in a spray bottle and shake it well. Spray it onto the dirty timber floor and mop until it’s clean.

4. Vinegar, Water and Liquid Soap

A dirty timber floor is not only unsightly but also disgusting to walk on. By combining vinegar, water, and liquid soap, you can get rid of all the grime on your timber floor. If you want, you can add a few drops of essential oils to the concoction. Doing so you will make your timber floors squeaky clean, but the aroma from the essential oils will give your living space a refreshing feel.

5. Tea Bags

Teabags? Yes, teabags are one of the most effective natural cleaning products for your dirty timber floors. Not only do they clean your wooden floors, but also bless them with lustre and shine. So, the next time you have tea, save a few tea bags for floor cleaning. You won’t even have to rush to the market to fetch an expensive floor cleaner.

6. Olive Oil and Lemon Juice

Besides being good for your health, olive oil and lemon juice can make great wooden floor cleaning products. Just mix some olive oil, lemon juice, and hot water and make a nice mixture. Not only will it remove the stubborn stains, but it will also leave some sheen behind.

7. Detergent, Vinegar, and Water

Dish detergent can also be an active floor cleaner. Add some dish detergent to your standard water and vinegar mixture and mix well. Apply the mixture to your dirty and grimy timber floors, and use a high-quality microfiber sponge for cleaning.

Timber floors are incredibly durable, but if left dirty, they can easily get worn or lose their look. To remove dirt particles from your timber floors sweep or vacuum them regularly, for if those particles are left to stay, they can build-up over time and ruin the look and quality of your otherwise beautiful and sturdy timber floors. If you don’t feel like using a damp mop on your timber floor, switch to high-quality microfiber sponge or a dust mop for everyday cleaning. Be very vigilant about cleaning any spillages, and never allow water or any other liquid stay on your timber floor for long.

If you have pets, make sure their nails are properly trimmed, because animal nails can scratch and damage your wooden floors. Moreover, palace doormats at the entrance, so people can wipe their feet before entering your living space. Place rugs and mats in areas that receive heavy traffic and place floor mats under electrical appliances and substantial furniture articles.

As we discussed in the beginning, with little creativity, you can make your timber floors sparkling clean, and save yourself a considerable amount of money and time. So what are you waiting for? Grab those ingredients, a mop, and give your timber floors the look you have always wanted them to have.

Happy cleaning!

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