A Perfect Home on a Budget -Don’t Forget the Kitchen!

The kitchen – for a room that is the hub of the household, it is a room that is often overlooked when it comes to decorating the home. For many people this is because a full kitchen refit is an expensive and time-consuming job, so they have the if it isn’t broke don’t fix it mentality. It is true that if you have kitchen appliances that are in good working order, there is no need to buy new ones. But this is not the only thing that defines your kitchen and you can make your kitchen look like an entirely new room without the expense of replacing all of your white goods. Read on for a few tricks, to make your kitchen look brand new on a budget…

One of the biggest differences you can make to your kitchen is you update the cupboard doors. This can have a huge impact on the style of your kitchen and bring a tired looking room up to date. You don’t even have to go out and buy all new cupboards. It is often possible, as long as the ones you have currently are still in good working order, to remove the cupboard fronts and give them a lick of paint. You can do anything you want, the only limit is your creativity – if your kitchen is on the smaller side and you want to open it up a bit more, stick to light colours – bright white, or soft pastels for country cottage chic. If you have a larger room, you can get away with more dramatic dark colours that will give the room a more sophisticated feel.

Lighting is another great way of updating a room without spending a fortune. Add spotlights under kitchen cupboards to make the room feel more modern, and if you have a kitchen-diner how about a luxury chandelier from http://roccoborghese.com/ to make it a truly special place to dine.

Of course, when it comes to making a room look brand new, don’t forget the floor. If you are lucky enough to have wooden floorboards, then consider using these as the floor, maybe add a rug. Of course, tiles are always popular in a kitchen, as they are easy to clean and look great. Or why not consider painting the floor with floor paint – it is a relatively cheap way to make the room look new and up to date and is surprisingly easy to do.


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