Five great garage upgrades

People often have neglected garages which are messy and poorly organised. However, with some careful planning and targeted projects, you can modernise your garage, make it all shipshape, and increase the amount of use you get out of it.

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Here are five id eas to get you started.

1 Improve parking

You may have experienced damage while parking your car, crashing into a bike or banging your car door onto the wall for example. A simple pot noodle pot can ensure you don’t bash into the wall, while you could make your own cheap bumper to prevent you from driving too far inside.

Otherwise, suspend a tennis ball from the garage ceiling to ensure that you always pull in safely.

2 Your garage offers more than just storage

If you have somewhere else you can park the car, think about converting your garage space into a dedicated room. You may have enough space to think about an office, or a home gym. Offices in garages surprisingly look like regular home offices.

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3 Watch for the door being closed or open

With thieves and animals roaming outside, it is dangerous to forget to shut the garage door. You could make an indicator light for the garage door which will tell you indoors instantly if the door is open. You could also create an open garage warning system with an old radio-controlled car – or monitor the door with a sensor system and your phone.

4 Use your phone to open the door

Your phone can act as a remote to open your garage door. Raspberry Pi and Siri take care of the action for people using iPhones, while a free app and Bluetooth board serve Android users. The latter project can remotely start up your car using your phone and for more ideas look up.

5 Sort the area into zones

If you have a garage, it is likely that you have more than one use for it, and you will probably have a large variety of items stored there. Garage Shelving can be bought from outlets including

Think about creating targeted areas for different types of things – divide the space into say six zones and it will be much easier to find things (and quicker to put them away). You may even have space to park your car!


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