What to Think About When Installing a New Fence

Fences are used for a wide variety of purposes. A specific type of purpose often dictates a specific type of fence. This is why if one in the market for a new fence there are choices to be made. Not every type of fence is designed to look pretty, and not every type of fence is made to keep things out. So, the first that should be done when contemplating a fence, is exactly what that fence is going to be used for. Once that decision is made a whole new set of options come to the table.

Fencing Types

There are around nine main fencing types available. These types include: wood, aluminum, wrought iron, vinyl, PVC, chain link, bamboo, farm, and electric. The purposes range from decorative to extreme security. If you are in the market for decorative fencing, there are a few options available. Each has its own list of pros and cons attached to a variety of prices. Aluminum fencing for instance is cheaper, maintenance free, and can be designed to look like any other fence type. Aluminum is so good at impressions, you may not even know it is aluminum until you touch it. Aluminum is not durable however and is even less so under extreme weather. This is a consideration one should take in when shopping for fence types. Look at your area, and your specific situation, and find the fence that effectively fits it.

PVC fencing is a lot stronger than aluminum. it is also a lot cheaper. PVC can resemble other fences as well but bares better under extreme weather conditions. Many use PVC as a substitute for wood as it is a lot cheaper and stronger. As it bears the same appearance most who see it are none the wiser to its actual make-up. Wood fencing is just as strong but carries a hefty price. Wrought iron is stronger for security purposes as is chain link. Chain link is not that attractive however, and from a decorative point of view is not a good choice. Wrought Iron is expensive though and carries a hefty price with its protection. These are the thing one should consider when installing a fence. Never choose any type of fencing without thinking it through first.


Once you have selected your fence type you have to put up with the hassle of installation. This may require permits, permission from your HOA, and the use of a good contractor. HOAs may have restrictions on what you can place in your yard, and there may be municipal codes you have to follow. It is best to have all your ducks in a row before installing new fencing. It also relies on availability. If you are looking for pvc fencing carlisle pa, you need to ensure such fencing is available.

Although many fences are simple enough to install personally, some may require the use of a contractor. Especially if the area is rather large. Hiring a good contractor is an exercise in of itself, but it does ensure the job is done right.

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