Star Ceiling Lights

Fibre optic lights in general have the potential to transform interiors like no other lighting technology. Predominantly used to create specific decorative features and highlight key areas of any given space, fibre optic technology makes the seemingly impossible a reality.

But when decorating interior spaces of all shapes, sizes and purposes, one key area that often goes overlooked is the ceiling. Fibre optic lights are routinely used for aesthetic enhancements for walls, units and features in general, though it’s rare to see the technology being used to its full potential.

Which is a shame, given the fact that star ceiling lights have the potential to transform just about any interior into a living, breathing work of art. Best of all, star ceiling lights aren’t nearly as difficult to install and activate as it may appear.

Starry Ceiling Light Kits

Fibre optic technology makes it possible to bring any ceiling to life, creating the kind of celestial show that’s no less than memorising. Available in shapes, sizes and specifications to suit every type of room, starry ceiling light kits bring the magic of twinkling stars to your interiors. Minimal power consumption and heat output translate to a safe and affordable room enhancement, the likes of which could transform the appeal of your interiors like nothing else imaginable.

In terms of how it works, a starry ceiling kit utilises hundreds of tiny optical fibres, which can be positioned randomly or in any pattern preferred by the user.  Epoxy resin glue is typically used to hold the fibres in place, though there’s infinite scope for creativity in terms of how and where each fibre can be positioned. A separate lighting unit provides the light, which then travels through the fibres to create the beautiful starry effect at each end respectively.

The addition of sparkle wheels and remote controls (with many kits) adds up to the most extraordinary visual enhancement for just about any room of any size and any purpose.

Popular Ways to Use Fibre Optic Ceiling Lights

Though traditionally associated with businesses and commercial buildings in general, more homes than ever before are bringing fibre optic ceiling lights into the mix. If looking to create the most incredibly relaxing and captivating atmosphere in a family living room for example, starry ceilings tick all the right boxes. Likewise, starry ceiling lights can also be fantastic for kids’ bedrooms, giving limitless scope for creating absolutely any shapes or patterns imaginable with the optical fibres.

Depending on the positioning of the lighting unit itself, it’s also possible to use starry ceiling lights to enhance the tranquillity and ambience of a relaxing bathroom. Surprisingly easy to install and comprehensively affordable, there’s never been a better time to explore the limitless potential of star ceiling lights for your own home.

And if in need of a little more inspiration, you need only carry out a quick Google Image search to see just how these inspiring installations are being put to use in homes and business environments up and down the UK!

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