Why Having a Clean Room is Good For You

Mess is inevitable at home. Parents with young children and kids who aren’t motivated to clean are well aware of that. Some people, on the other hand, have messy homes because they rarely have the time to pick up after themselves and clean their houses. Professionals, especially those who are holding down at least two jobs, can relate to this.

See, just because a house or room is messy doesn’t mean the occupant is a slob. However, a messy room does have some things to say about who lives there.

What Does a Messy Room Say about Its Occupant?

The state of a room’s cleanliness (or lack of) can be linked to certain psychiatric conditions. For instance, those who are obsessive-compulsive spend their time and energy to make sure everything’s in order. The mere sight of mess is enough to make them anxious.

On the other hand, most hoarders have a difficult time bringing order to their homes because of the amount of stuff they have accumulated throughout the years that they’re not willing to part with.

So what does a messy room typically say about its owner?

Mental Health Conditions
If your room gets messy but you somehow find time to regularly clean it up, you have nothing to worry about. That’s what most folks go through weekly. People who are mostly busy with their jobs only do minimal cleaning and organizing throughout the week but make time for it during weekends and days off.

However, if you’re the type of person who’s generally tidy and neat but you don’t seem to have the motivation to clean up, you can be one of two things: you’re just too lazy to get anything done at the moment or you’re suffering from some sort of depression.

When you suddenly stop caring about the state your room is in, it could be a sign that you’re going through something overwhelming that’s draining your mental and physical energy.

If you think the reason why you’ve suddenly become a slob is you’re suffering from depression, you need to reach out to people: family, friends, or a professional. Do not neglect this or put it aside. Get help and talk to someone about it.

Personality Type
Not all messy rooms are reflective of the mental state of their owners. Sometimes it has to do with someone’s personality and character.

The perception that a person who prefers a messy room is disorganized is not entirely accurate. In some cases, that may be true but others thrive in messy surroundings. Some of the most creative people seem to be slobs but the chaos only feeds their creativity and artistry. And in most cases, people like this may seem to be living in disorderly conditions but they know exactly where their things are.

These types of people are more laid back and not as uptight about their surroundings as people on the other end of the spectrum. They have no problems functioning and performing despite the messy surroundings.

6 Reasons Why Having a Clean Room can Be Life-Changing

Given the differences in personality types and preferences, there are still obvious advantages to having clean surroundings.

You know what you have and where to find it
You no longer need to stress yourself digging under piles of clothes and clutter just to look for an object that you need. You can easily find what you need in an organized and clean room.

You have a clearer mind
Most people tend to be more relaxed and at ease in cleaner surroundings. The less cluttered the environment is, the less cluttered their minds are.

It can be a great timesaver
Since you no longer need to waste precious minutes looking around your room for things, you save up on time and energy that can be diverted to other more productive pursuits.

It can help you become more sociable
Remember when you can’t invite people to your place because of your mess? No more of that. If you have a neat and orderly place, you’re no longer ashamed to have people come over and unexpected visitors no longer stress you.

Your health will improve
Generally, having neat and orderly surroundings contribute to one’s health. Aside from minimizing germ and bacteria build-up caused by a dirty environment, it is also found that a clean one improves a person’s quality of rest and sleep. This leads to a healthier immune system that protects your body from sicknesses and diseases.

It just makes you feel good to have a clean room
If you clean up your room, get rid of the clutter, organize your things, redo your walls with stylish textured wallpaper, keep your desk neat and tidy, you tend to feel good about yourself.

Generally, a clean and organized room is not only more pleasant to look at but also has several advantages that most normal folks can benefit from. If mess causes you plenty of stress, consider your options and do your best to bring order to your environment.

Meta title: Messy Rooms, Their Occupants, and Why Having a Clean Room is Better for People
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