How To Decorate Your Orangery For Autumn

Find out how to decorate your orangery for the cooler months whilst still making the most of the last of the sunshine before winter.  

As the nights draw in, it can be easy for the conservatory or orangery to become a forgotten room as the summery feel it has, doesn’t work for the colder months. This can mean that you’re not utilising a room in your home that has so much potential year round. That’s a real shame when it likely cost a lost to create, and when it could be cosy and inviting in any weather.

To make the most of this beautiful part of your house, read our top tips on decorating your orangery for Autumn:

Focus On The Heat

The main reason people don’t spend time in their orangery in Autumn or Winter is because it becomes cold. If you add warmth to the room, it instantly becomes much more inviting. There are several ways to do this, including more expensive changes like adding underfloor heating underneath the floor tiles, or adding permanent heating to the room itself. Décor Tiles offer a range of suitable tiling options. Alternatively with the door shut, a chic electric heater could be a great choice. Don’t forget to add blinds, insulating curtains and some blankets too, to add to the cosy feel and to keep as much cold out as possible.

Add Some Autumn/ Winter Accessories

If you don’t want to completely redecorate the space, then some simple seasonal furnishings and accessories will transform the space for you. Richer, more luxurious feeling fabrics along with lots of low lighting and lots of chunky cushions will make the place instantly cosy, and it will look great too.

Light Matters

Autumn and Winter are dark times of the year and adding some gentle light to your orangery will boost it with some hygge. Keep the curtains open in the day to maximise natural light, and when it gets dark, place some floor lamps on your floor tiles, perhaps some candles in lanterns and even some fairy lights for that romantic feel.

Add Some Life

Sometimes spaces can feel a bit stale and dead in the colder months. Although we often see spring and summer as a time for plants and plant buying, winter is when your home probably needs plants the most. Hanging baskets look particularly beautiful in orangery spaces and they will breathe some much needed life into the space. Just make sure whichever plants you choose can cope with the temperatures you get inside your orangery.

Change The View

Gardens can go into disrepair in Autumn and Winter and sometimes we don’t want to see it. Going into an orangery or conservatory can be a reminder of the space we don’t want to see. Tackle the issue head on and makeover your garden for these colder months, so it looks nice again and so that you enjoy looking at it from your orangery. You’ll thank yourself when you’re sat inside, wrapped up in a blanket sipping hot chocolate watching the birds feast on berries on a cold winter morning.

Your orangery can be an inviting, warm and beautiful place to spend time in. Take a weekend to give the space a makeover, and enjoy having an additional room to use not just in summer, but all year round.


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