How To Handle Long Distance Relocation?

We can agree that nobody likes moving. However, there is no short or simple way to do it. You have to kill a few days with constant stress and manual labor, but when you reach the new home, you will notice the difference.

Of course, most people decide to choose best moving companies in the USA such as website, but other people tend to call family and friends to help them finish everything by themselves. There is not a great and best way to handle moving; it depends on various factors from budget to distance.

However, before you choose any professional company, there are a few things that you could do to speed things up:

1. Preparation

The first step is the longest one, and there are numerous things that you have to finish to pass to the next one. The moving is simple, but the packing and unpacking will take the time out of you. If you want for moving to go as smooth as possible, you should make a quality preparation.

This is a detailed and time-consuming process, but it will lead to less stressful and simpler moving afterward.

  • Utility Information Transfer – It is important to handle bureaucratic things before you move completely. You have to call the utilities that you have and to make a transfer. There are ways to do it online, or you can go in person, but have in mind that doing this is necessary. The same thing goes for postal service, billing addresses for bills and calls a bank to notify them that you’ve changed the location.
  • Search For Cheap Packing Supplies – When it comes to packing supplies, you have to analyze your belongings and to purchase enough tapes and boxes to fit everything in. On the other hand, numerous moving companies will provide you the same service if you want to reduce the hassle of doing it yourself. Some places such as supermarkets and retailers are handing out free boxes. You can also find the retailers and furniture stores to provide you with used boxes in different size ranges. However, using the used boxes is risky, because they can damage during the moving, which could cause problems with your belongings. Check whether they are in good conditions. You can also go for new boxes, but that will be the much more expensive solution. It is important to note that you shouldn’t purchase the cheap tape, because good tape for packing is extremely For more information on cardboard boxes click here.
  • Take Measurements – Even though you have a wide array of furniture, you have to plan how to fit them in a new home. Therefore, most people think that they can do it just by imagining, while most experts agree that you shouldn’t make an assumption but make measurements and write them down. Go to a new place for as much as you need to determine everything before you enter the truck because it will reduce the hassle in the future.
  • Get a Truck – One solution is to choose a moving company, which is way safer and faster than DIY moving. However, for DIY approach, you will need to hire a truck. You should figure out the mileage from the old to a new home because most renters will charge you per mile. Check whether the truck has insurance in case of an accident. Reserving it days before the initial moving date is important. That way, you will reduce the chances of not getting the deal you wanted in the first place. For more information on DIY moving check this website:

2. Packing

The next step starts when you’ve finished with preparation and when you are ready to start with the manual labor. However, it is difficult to determine how to start, especially if furniture and belongings surround you. Therefore, these tips will help you find the best way to do it:

  • Pack Like You’re Going On Holiday – First, you have to pack the essentials that you will need to find as soon as you reach the new place. That means toiletries, clothing and other things that you will need a carrying We recommend you to put the suitcase to be next to you because you don’t want to unpack the entire truck just to get the toothbrush.
  • Sort Everything First – Most people start packing room by room. However, that could create a problem in determining where you place different stuff. Therefore, you should sort electronics with sheets and soft pillows in your bedroom to protect them and to save the space. You should sort them based on the fragility.
  • Label The Boxes – Labeling is also important because you will reduce the hassle of unpacking. Therefore, you should label it informatively and the most common way the people do it is by using black market and adding room names or choosing other sorting methods.


3. Moving In

After the preparation and packing, the unpacking is the simplest step that you will take. However, you also have to finish various assignments, but it will go smoothly if you did everything that we have mentioned above.

  • Clean and Dust Everything First – Moving furniture demands some awkward positions, and it can get dirty and dusty. That is why you should wipe it down before it enters the home. You can do it thoroughly inside, but do it before you unpack it.
  • Use Closets – When you reach the new home, you will have the stuff everywhere. Therefore, it will be difficult to move around and to handle everything. Therefore, we recommend you to fill the closets first because that way you will have more room to unpack other stuff.


We have presented you things that you should consider if you want to manage DIY moving. As you can see, the moving is not a simple thing and requires plenty of manual labor, preparation, packing and other things that you have to consider as a factor.

On the other hand, hiring the moving company will bring you peace of mind, and it is disputable whether you should do it or not. It depends on your preferences and budget.

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