How to Keep Your Paver Driveway Like New

Choosing to use pavers to keep your driveway lasting long and looking great is a sure bet. By opting for the best driveway pavers naples options, you’re giving your driveway a great competitive edge over more conventional options. However, the most important aspect of keeping your driveway looking amazing and protecting your car from harm is taking the time to care for it and clean it often. That means purchasing the best paver driveway sealing option and finding the right time to apply it. Sealing and cleaning your driveway will keep it strong and protected from cracks and erosion over time. It will also protect from weeds and moss growth. If you’re ready to keep your paver driveway protected, here are some tips.

Clean and Prep First

Your driveway should last a full 25 to 30 years with the right maintenance. However, the key to good maintenance is consistency. The first step to paver driveway maintenance is a thorough cleaning to make sure any dirt, grime, or uneven patches are out of the way. The key to keeping your driveway looking great is keeping it protected from anything that could cause cracks, breaks, or roughness. If you want your cars to have a smooth ride and want to make sure your driveway is pedestrian-friendly, doing a thorough cleaning job will allow you to create the perfect canvas for a freshly sealed driveway. To make this task easier, try sweeping or cleaning your driveway at least once a week. Take note of any breakage or crumbling during this time and buy any replacement pavers you may need. Pressure hoses and water cleaners are best for getting deep into the cracks, however, if you’re noticing any looseness or wobbling, you might want to take the time to get certain stones refitted before continuing with your project.

Watch for Clear Skies

Before going through the motions of re-sealing your driveway, you’ll want to make sure the skies are clear for at least 48 hours. While it only should take 24 hours for your sealant to dry completely, you don’t want to risk the chance of rain or even mist washing away your hard word. Ideally, you’ll be putting down your sealant in sunny, warm weather that will allow it dry as soon as possible. If you see rain predictions for the next few days, hold off until you get a sunny streak.

Purchase the Best Sealant

When looking for the right sealant, be sure to get the best product for the job. That means leaving cheaper options behind, and opting for sealants that aren’t water-based. For best results, go for sealant that’s solvent based. Use the best brand for your paver material, and be sure to measure your driveway beforehand so you don’t come up short. Once you have your sealant ready, you can roll it out with a large squeegee or paint roller in wide strokes. After everything is covered, it shouldn’t take more than a day for you to be able to safely use the driveway again.


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