How To Refresh Dirty Vinyl Window Frames

Homeowners with vinyl window frames want to ensure they look and operate at peak performance. The best way to do this is through routine maintenance. The windows in the home can be subject to substantial wear and tear each year and unless you perform some of these simple steps towards having clean vinyl windows they are bound to deteriorate at a much faster pace than normal.

So in an effort to help beleaguered homeowners who aren’t sure how to get dirty window frames looking their best once again, the following are some helpful tips for refreshing those windows in no time. Seeking out Richmond VA replacement windows may not be the answer and you can just clean and revitalize the windows you have now instead.

Conduct Regular Inspections


You can’t very well detect any dirt or damage on your vinyl window frames without stepping outside and taking a good long look at the condition they are in at the moment. The best indicators that something is amiss will be in the frame and the sash. Dirt can get caked up pretty good in these areas but dig a little closer and you may find other signs of disrepair.

Cleaning the window if there is discernible damage isn’t much use, so as you investigate the level of dirt and grime your vinyl windows have accumulated over the course of the year, give the window a thorough diagnostic examination to see if any other problems exist that must be addressed.

Cleaning The Windows

After you’ve made your initial checkups of the frame, sash, even the panes of glass, it’s time to start cleaning. After all, you bought vinyl frames for a reason – they have a unique appearance that offers a bright luster to any home.

When they’re covered in dirt, grime, and other unsightly contaminants due to the elements surrounding the property, you’re just defeating the purpose for buying and installing your windows. Don’t let your home fall victim to accumulative effects of gunk and mold, take action now to restore them to their original beauty.

So how do we do that? It’s easier than you may think, it just takes some time and patience on the part of someone who cares about the way their windows look and function. If that sounds like you, then here’s what you need to do:

The glass is pretty simple to take care of as you can use any good glass cleaner to get wipe away all of the dust and mildew that has gathered over the course of the year or even longer. That’s the easy part, which is why this article is about refreshing your vinyl window frames.

First things first – be sure you have the proper type of cleaning agent to do the job right. You can even make your own cleanser from two items you already have in the house, water and vinegar. Harsh chemicals and cleaners with bleach could prove too strong for the coloring of the vinyl on your frames.

Apply one of those abrasive substances to your vinyl frame and you could end up doing more harm than good to your dirty windows.

But mixing two parts water and one part vinegar together in a spray bottle and spritzing the frames thoroughly can do a lot of good towards minimizing dirt and debris on your vinyl frames. Let the mixture sit there for a few minutes before using a scrub brush with soft bristles to get at the caked on dirt and a soft cloth to clean up everything else.

After you’re done washing down the frames with your non-abrasive mixture, pay close attention to locating any evidence of rust, mold, oxidation, and other potentially harmful impacts on your vinyl frames.

Depending on the type of grime dulling the look of your frames, you will need to get some kind of cleanser that can handle the problem effectively. In most cases, the water and vinegar mix will likely be insufficient for clearing away oxidation and remnants of mold and mildew.

Repainting the Frames

Now that you’ve cleaned away all of the unseemly stuff, you may notice that the paint has been worn away off the frames. This can be particularly noticeable with older frames that have been through all four seasons a number of times already.

A fresh coat of paint may be just the thing you need to breathe new life into old vinyl frames and adding another layer of paint is also a good way to help protect them from the elements for the four seasons still to come.


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