Important Tips For Landscape Maintenance in GTA

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Property with an adequately maintained landscape is attractive to potential buyers and tenants and also works to increase the value of the property. Seeing the obvious benefits of having your landscape in check, you have decided to hire a property maintenance company. This is a wise move. However, before you sign that contract, there are several considerations you should make. This piece will focus on tips that will help you budget for the commercial landscaping in GTA.

Know the Landscaping Company

Before you hire any landscaping company, take some time to meet with representatives of the company and discuss how the company handles its businesses and projects. Get to know who will be handling your account, how often they will be reporting to you and how often they will visit your property. This will help you have realistic expectations and get rid of any surprises.

Have a Realistic Budget

Different individuals have different budgets to work with. While you may be tempted to strain yourself and go for a landscaping company whose costs are through the roof, you should restrain yourself.

Note that every property features unique landscaping requirements. These requirements are determined by the size of the property, its profile, and any other special conditions. For instance, a building that is visible and experiences a lot of traffic will need a lot more maintenance compared to a warehouse.

Account for the Annual Improvements

The property maintenance contract forms the core of your budget. However, the budget must also include services that may not be captured in the contract, such as plant replacement and other things.

Generally, you should include an extra 30% of costs to your contract to cater for the annual improvements.

Plan Long Term

On average, landscaping trees and plants have a life cycle of 10 years when you factor in storm damage and diseases. Together with the landscaping professional you choose, plan for the replacement of these trees and plants on a need basis. The costs of this replacements should be added to the budget.

Ask questions

Before you put your signature on any contract, be sure to ask all the questions you may have. Go through the contract with a company representative. Be sure you understand all that is covered in the contract and what is not. For instance, you should note that the contracts do not normally cover the replacement of plants, removal of snow and some other individual repairs and projects. If these are services you deem important, you should talk to the company and work out a way of having them included in the contract.

Track all costs

It is of great help when the contract you have estimates the costs of each item on every line. This will enable you to remain on the budget the entire year. And in the event there are any extra costs, the company doing commercial landscaping in GTA will point out which services are inflating your budget.

The landscaping company you choose should be your trusted partner and they should work with you to ensure that the landscape is beautiful, well-maintained and above all, healthy.

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