Have you guys ever thought of a trampoline as a main hero for your indoor play equipment? Have you thought about some of the advantages and benefits of trampoline park as indoor play equipment over other park equipment? Let’s find out how a trampoline has proven to be a multi-beneficial hero and can set a perfect example of wholesome indoor play equipment for your indoor playing park.

What are the services provided by trampoline park suppliers?
There are mainly 3 major services that are provided by trampoline park supplier. A customer should ask for each and every service and should also make the most of it. The services are as follows.
Installation process
Production process
Service protocols

Injuries occurring due to trampolines as major indoor play equipment
The most common injuries in trampoline parks occur when a person lands on the trampoline frame rather than the trampoline mat (jumping surface). This is because of the stress on the body caused by sudden deceleration. Landing in the center of a trampoline a person decelerates smoothly as the springs stretch. Landing on the frame a two-inch foam pad usually decelerates the body much more quickly over a much shorter distance.

What is the most common injury on a trampoline?
Strains, soft tissue contusions, and legs and back sprains stand as the most common injuries, with nearly 40 percent of all injuries resulting from falls from the trampoline. Among major to massive trampoline injuries treated in emergency rooms, 4 percent result in a hospital stay. More than 95 percent of fractures happen at home, as per many recent studies.

How do you prevent trampoline injuries?

As we all know, that trampoline can be a cause of minor to major injuries. Here are some tips that one needs to follow and always keep in mind after buying trampoline from a trampoline park supplier. One should also keep in mind to ask for a safety manual which is usually provided by any trampoline park supplier with the product.
1. Use pads and safety nets.
2. Only allow one jumper at a time.
3. Always supervise kids.
4. Make rules.
5. Use the ladder.
6. Choose a safe place to put the trampoline.
7. Inspect the trampoline regularly.

What should be the structure of trampolines that are supplied by trampoline park suppliers?
Customized design
Ease of installation
Superb finish

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