The Top Three Easy and Simple Ways You Can Add the Illusion of Space to Your Bathroom

All bathrooms have certain requirements, and these include a basin and taps, a toilet, and a bathing or shower area. There’s no going around it – if you want a fully functional bathroom, all these elements have to be in place. But aside from these elements, there are storage considerations as well as style considerations to think about. If your bathroom is a bit on the small side, it can be a bit difficult to incorporate everything you want into it without making your bathroom look even smaller. Are you worried that your bathroom looks too small and would like to give it the illusion of space? Here are the top 3 easy and simple ways you can add the illusion of space to your bathroom.

  1. Have the same hue and tone for all components

If you’re all set to renovate or remodel your bathroom, you may want to consider having the same hue and tone for all components. For example, it’s best not to have dark bathroom walls combined with light-coloured tiles, as this can ‘chop up’ or visually separate the space and make it look smaller. If you don’t want your bathroom to look too dull or boring, you can simply choose different hues or add a bit of contrast with a small element such as a light fixture or a small bathroom storage table. You want a nice blending of all the elements to give your bathroom an even, consistent (and larger) feel.

  1. Opt for a compact, pre-built shower cubicle

Shower areas use up a lot of space, and it’s even worse for a bath. But if you want to save on precious space whilst still enjoying your time in the bathroom, why not go for a pre-fabricated shower cubicle? Shower cubicles like these take no time to install, and they’re an ideal fit for even the smallest of bathrooms. Furthermore, they can come with several features such as massage and body jets, special lighting, built-in shelving, and even steam (in the case of steam showers). Having a pre-built shower cubicle saves you money and time on the installation as you no longer need to go through the laborious task of installing tiles and fixtures.

  1. Go for large mirrors

Mirrors reflect light, and if you’re concerned that your bathroom looks small and cramped, you should take advantage of large mirrors. You can go grand with a mirror which extends all the way to the ceiling, or you can simply choose a large mirror which takes up a significant portion of your wall space. To augment the mirror’s reflective qualities, install lighting on both sides of the mirror, and your bathroom will look and feel much bigger (and more attractive as well).

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