Tips For Making The Most Out Of Your Small Office Space

If you are dealing with a smaller area to work with as far as office space goes, there are some key things that you will want to do in order to maximize the space to get the most out of it. Below, we will go over some key tips for making the most out of your small office space.

Tips For Making The Most Out Of Your Small Office Space:

  1. Get Rid Of Clutter

While you might be able to afford to be a little messy when you have an abundance of space to work with, if you are struggling for space, to begin with, you need to get rid of the clutter. Decluttering your space can end up freeing up a lot of space that you can work with. You will want to try to focus on only having the essentials in your workplace. That way, you can minimize the wasted space due to having too many things that don’t necessarily need to be there. Not only will this free up physical space, but it can help you be much more organized as well.

  1. Smaller Furniture

While you might have a dream of having a huge desk, it is something that is only going to take up space in your small office. By downsizing your desk to Desk View portable standing desks, you can free up a lot of potential room that you can better utilize in other areas. Getting a smaller desk is one of the top things that you can do to free up space because a large desk is not necessarily going to do anything for you but cause you to be even more disorganized. By giving yourself less room to work with on your desk, it is going to help you focus on organization and keeping only the essentials on it.

  1. Take Advantage Of Vertical Space

While you might never have considered the amount of space that you have to work with on the walls, you should start doing so if you are dealing with limited spacing. Thinking vertically is one of the best ways to free up valuable space from the floor. You should be able to really enhance the overall organization of your room by adding things like floating shelves. Doing this can help you add more organization and management to your office without taking up any physical floor space. You can move just about anything onto your walls which can increase the amount of space that you have to work with exponentially. Try to think vertically if you are looking to free up valuable floor space.

  1. Consider Floating Desks

As noted above, your desk is likely going to be the biggest piece of furniture eating up your valuable floor space. One of the single best ways to avoid it from being a space hog is by taking it completely off the floor. By creating and/or purchasing a floating desk, you are going to be able to limit the amount of floor space that your desk takes up by a significant margin because it is not going to have any legs or feet to worry about. Instead, your desk would be hung like a floating shelf on your wall which can provide you with a lot of room to work with that would normally be taken up by a traditional desk. While this will take away some of the organizational drawers you might be able to use in a traditional desk, you should be able to find other areas to store things that you might have originally placed in your desk drawers.


  1. Leverage Wall Mounts

Another good way to save a lot of space would be to utilize wall mounts for your monitors. If you are going to be utilizing a floating desk, you will want to combine that with effective wall mounts which will allow you to hang your computer monitors on your wall. Having your computer monitors hanging on the wall can keep you from needing to have the monitor sitting on a computer monitor stand which is likely to take up a majority of your desk space, to begin with. This alone will allow you to have much more desk space to work with and require you to invest in a much smaller desk as a result. This will help keep your valuable desk space free for handling other things.

  1. Switch To Cloud Storage

If your business still relies on paper and filing cabinets, it might be time to start pushing your file storage to the cloud. This is a very important thing to do if you are really looking to save space. Not only is it going to free up the need to have a bunch of filing cabinets all around your office, but it is also going to help you avoid having to worry about servers, physical hard drives, and more. Because you will be paying for cloud storage services, you will be able to effectively get away with using the Internet to connect to the cloud servers which can free up a lot of physical space in your office by itself. Switching to cloud storage will not only save your business money in the long run, but it can really help you save a lot of space in your office.

Overall, there are a lot of ways you can maximize the amount of space that you have to work with if you are dealing with a small office space, to begin with. By focusing on making some of the changes listed above, you should be able to increase the amount of usable floor space that you have to work with, reduce the inefficiency of your space by downsizing furniture and/or moving your furniture off the floors, and decrease your need of having large desks by limiting the amount of space that your monitor takes up on your desk. There are plenty of ways to get more out of your space without making any serious changes to your office space.

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