10 ways to brighten up your bedroom

After a tiring day at work and dealing with your responsibilities, you finally come to your bedroom to leave all those worries behind and retire for the day. It would surely help if your bedroom looks bright and inviting enough when you want to escape from the chaos and just relax and rejuvenate.

You change your wardrobe every season, so why not give the same treatment to your bedroom? Just a couple of changes can effectively brighten up your bedroom and bring in that warm and welcoming feel that you want in it. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at these top ten ways through which you ensure that.

  1. Embrace maximalism

Minimalism is so last season, and this year it’s all about embracing maximalism, even in terms of bedroom décor. Opt for a bold accent wall along with a palette of colourful hues, so that, when the first rays of the sun would fall on the walls, the colourful hues would reflect the rays in all directions. When a room looks that colourful, you will definitely wake up all energized and high-spirited.

  1. Enhance the window treatments

Just because the maximalism is in, it does not mean that you showcase it everywhere in the bedroom and end up making it look all cluttered. So, make sure that you keep the style of the windows minimal and use soft fabrics so that the look of your bedroom windows remains simple. Moreover, you can also opt to coat your window with the usage of drapes and blinds. This would augment more aesthetic value to your sleeping place. As per many professionals, you can opt to layer your window with varied drape styles. Lighter-toned inner drapes can be installed for privacy, and the dense outer ones can serve the purpose of décor. This ensures that the bedroom space would open up as vividly coloured curtains and drapes greatly complement each other.

  1. Consider adding cheerful pillows and bedding materials

Your bedding is probably one of the most important décor items in your room. It not only helps you to be warm and cosy, but your pillow covers and bed sheets also function to bring an aesthetic appeal to the bedroom. Updating your bedding would be a smart choice as it can go a long way in making your bedroom bright. Also, ensure that you have a mix of pillows and covers. The decorative pillows and covers would brighten up the bedroom to a great extent.

  1. Replacement of old furniture

If you are looking forward to brightening up your bedroom, then the replacement of old furniture is a must. Moreover, you do not need to spend a lot of money to buy and replace old furniture. However, you need to be a bit creative and open with your selections. Old and dark furniture can render gloominess to your bedroom. If you do use dark furniture, ensure that the rest of your bedroom décor is up to the mark. This doesn’t mean that you cannot use antique furniture. Just be mindful of the items you are picking to brighten up your bedroom.

  1. Spruce up your walls

The walls in your bedroom are another major factor in determining the brightness in your bedroom. Dreary and old paint usually kills the ambience of the room. Hence, refrain from using flat paint in your bedroom. Moreover, there are various ways to make your walls pop. Try using various types of wallpaper as well as paints to liven up your bedroom. When selecting your paint colour, always consider what each colour denotes.

  1. Alterations to the ceiling of your house

You can opt for a glossy ceiling as this would ensure that the light reflects your bed and on you. A high gloss paint colour would also make sure that the décor of the bedroom is done artistically. You can also try installing some ceiling lights which can reflect the rays of the sun.

  1. Try to be innovative with your bedroom lighting

Lighting is an important aspect in a home and individuals usually tend to overlook it. It should be on your monthly list of improvements which should be updated and remodelled frequently. Backlighting, coupled with can lights, can significantly help to attract more light. This would ensure that space is illuminated suitably. Moreover, nowadays, one can avail lights that are available with dimming options. This helps you to set the mood in a better manner. You can also try layered lighting.

  1. Try using shiny and bright décor

Making over your bedroom is a fun activity. Guess why? It is because you get to personalise the space with your style through the décor. It is crucial to note here that your sense of decoration to brighten up the room can make or break the sophistication of the room. This is the reason that you should opt to add some flowers and plants to your room. Moreover, you can add illuminated mirrors for better decor. Also, opt for those décor pieces that are bright and colourful.

  1. The power of a colourful rug

If you want to inject personality into a room, then opting for a colourful rug would be your first choice of preference. A colourful rug is also a good way by which you can show off your aesthetic. You should always note that a large and colourful rug is not limited to a specific area in a room. You can also opt to use it in your bedroom to brighten it up. It is also a great way with the help of which you can lift the décor in your bedroom.

  1. Trim the trees by your bedroom windows

It is a natural way with the help of which you can brighten up your room. Always ensure that trees or bushes cushioning your windows are trimmed on a regular manner so that the first rays of the sun can reach your bed.

You usually spend a lot of time in the bedroom. Hence, ensure that it always looks bright and lively. The tips mentioned above would help you to illuminate your bedroom to a great extent.

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