4 Things You Should Do Before Settling Into Your New Home

Finally, you have chosen a dream home for yourself, maybe including your family, and are due to move in in a couple of weeks, but there are certain things you kit do before settling in your new home. It’s a new home, new neighborhood, new schools, and new neighbors, so I will share with you four things you should do before moving or settling in. If you or someone you know is in this situation, and needs to know these four tips, then this article was written for you.

Get To Know Your Home

Before moving or settling in, get to know your home and neighborhood. Take an internal and external look at your new home, get familiar with it, and check for features or little storages and other things you may find. There are so many things and places you should see and have information about in your neighborhood and home just in case of emergencies or just so you know where the funniest place nearby is. Drive around the neighborhood or take a walk and scan your surroundings. Look for major places, such as, the nearest police station, hospital, grocery store, school, entertainment spots, and anything else that interests you. It makes it easier if you use a GPS or google maps to find these places nearby you.

Prepare and Secure Your New Home

Securing your new home is a vital step you must take before settling in. This means change all the old locks, bolts, windows latches, and the switches in the house. Check for any safety features this new home might have and you can even upgrade your home security by purchasing a good deal with alarm system companies and get your home an alarm system. Another important step before moving in would be to prepare your new home by cleaning it up, painting the inside, and installing new switches as forbes.com suggests to do.

Change Your Address

The third tip is probably one of the most important and first thing you should do before settling in. You must change your address to the updated and new one for billing and other services. Moving.com recommends some of these places to change your address:

  • Local Post Office
  • Utilities
  • Healthcare/Doctor
  • Bank
  • DMV
  • Schools
  • Subscriptions

Changing your billing address is top priority as all mail will be sent to you through your current address. Mail delivery services, such as, Brighton USPS and other delivery services need to have the current address to deliver your packages and mail. If you live in Brighton then change your billing address in Brighton USPS.

Junk Removal and Making A Network of Friends

As you are moving from your old home, and before placing your belongings in your new home, there are junk removal services to help you get rid of as dreamhomeimprovement.net says. Lastly, building a network of friends in your new neighborhood whether your living alone or not can be a huge assistance. Becoming friends with neighbors is a good start.

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