Glam Up The Finite Spaces With Hallway Runners

Hallways are the most de-emphasized area of the home. Our rooms are connected with each other through the hallway, and we tend to overlook it when discussing furnishing our house, partly because it’s a confounding thing to accessorize these areas.

Hallways are long and narrow paths leading to your stairs or another room, and since they are the conjunction, they bear the maximum amount of foot traffic with the constant running, walking and rushing up and down all over it. Hence they require the attention they deserve when it comes to decorating and taking care of the house.

For the added suave to your decor

Hallway runner rugs are suave rugs designed especially to fit into those limited spaces that are otherwise disregarded. These elegant rectangular pieces accentuate the entryway and tether the rooms with a panache. They also give an impression of maximizing small areas and providing the stern and slick surfaces a soft look.

Hallway Runner Rug  Impact:

  • Aside from creating a posh transformational effect in the confined spaces, they are gentle on your feet;
  • They prevent the floor from getting defaced with the constant wear;
  • The chances of the floor getting scratched and scraped, as a result of massive foot traffic is considerably minimized by placing the right runner rug;

Things to keep in mind before buying hallway runners:

  • Measure your hallway area, to avoid the confusion at the time of shopping for it. Runners rugs are available in all shapes and sizes in the market. Depending on the area of your hallway, you can choose a runner rug in formats such as 33*100 cm, 200*250cm, 300*400 cm and much more.
  • While measuring the area, make sure to exclude space for walking on all the four sides, since a hallway runner rug must close to the end of the hall in such a way that it doesn’t obstruct opening and closing of the door and also doesn’t enters the adjacent rooms.
  • Decide the type of runner rug you want reckoning the maintenance they will need. For example, Kilim runner rug is low maintenance rug that can be easily cleaned with a little vacuuming.
  • Always take into account the number of times you usually clean a rug. Depending on that, you can choose either thick pile runner rugs, thin pile rugs.
  • To avoid the hassle of cleaning a hallway rug regularly, you can also opt for those with detailed and heavy patterns on them since they will be able to hide dust and grease for longer until they become apparent and you have to clean them.
  • Also to be considered should be the material and the color of the rug. There will always be kids or adults running up, and down the hallways, hence synthetic material rugs in dark colors should be preferred.

You can opt from an impressive collection of  the majestic Persian runner rug or the resplendent Moroccan Berber hallways runners and much more on reliable online shopping sites.

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