The Right way to get the head in a Portrait Drawing

It is kind of a task only to get the head in a right position in portrait. Head is always in a proportion of oval shape as it is never in a perfect circle shape. It is known as the most striking feature and it should be done satisfactory, otherwise, it is a chance that your portrait may look unrealistic or flat. The guidelines are given in this article on how to get the right head in a portrait drawing;

  1. Create an Oval: Try to make an improper oval to create an outline of the head. Before that, you should take care of its width and breadth. You should not make a use of a blunt pencil for drawing an outline of the head. You can have a practice for making an outline on a rough paper twice before the fair work of drawing an outline. Due to that, you can draw a perfect shape without erasing again and again to draw the actual face. You should also try to do painting from your photo.
  2. Eyes, Mouth and, Nose: These three organs should keep an accurate distance from each other. You can also make a division of the face into three different halves in the horizontal direction to properly place these features at the perfect distance from each other. Nose is always placed between eyes and nose. It should be always considered that according to the person, the width and height of the nose may differ.
    The distance between the eyebrows and forehead and between chin and nose is equal, so you can make lighter grids to have perfect facial features are in proportion if they are not accurate.
  3. Focus on the shape of basic features: After making a perfect outline and has kept facial features at a proper distance, it’s time to focus on shapes including nose, eyes, eyebrows, and mouth line. While going through a process of shape drawing, you will get to know a relationship between these features and can observe details between them. For instance, Wrinkles and crow’s feet, around the eye portion. From which you can realize your mistake while sketching them and changes to be made further.
  4. Finer details in a right way: Once you have done with all the above points, it’s time that you must check the mistakes you have made so far and try to correct them. Check for the distance between eyes, if it’s not correct, modify it right away. Once you have made all the changes, once again, check for any more modifications. You may find that the face is elongated considerably and you can redraw it. You can enjoy the happiness after you realize that you have completed the sketch and there are no more changes required in a portrait drawing.

You must get the right symmetry for the face. You must check for the distances between each feature and try to outline them perfectly. You should not make modifications over the top, they should be consistent. If you wish to change the total look of the face or do not make any changes just to refine the features. You can share your thoughts below about the portrait drawing you have done lately.

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