How to Protect Your Roof During Winter

As you prepare for winter, investing in suitable winter clothing and bracing up for the seemingly unending weeks of precipitation, you must keep your home a haven from the elements.

One major way to do this is by keeping the roof, the part that comes in closest contact with snow and ice, protected. Here is how to do that:

  • Prune nearby trees to remove hanging branches

Tree branches tend to accumulate snow which can snap and land on your roof. Not only is this potentially dangerous for your shingles, the broken off branches add more weight on the roof, thus weakening it.

You should, therefore, prune your trees to keep the branches a safe distance from your roof.

  • Clear off leaves and other debris from the past season

Gutters and downspouts clogged with debris and leaves from fall should be cleaned out before winter. Otherwise you risk the danger of having an ice dam collect on your roof—which is the bane of every home in winter.

Piles of leaves and other debris freeze and expand, weighing down on the gutter. Aside from the danger of the gutter being broken, the water from the thawed ice remains soaked by this debris rather than flow off the roof, thus forming puddles that damage the foundation.

  • Watch out for broken shingles and damaged roof parts

If you are not afraid of heights, the best time to get on your roof is right before it starts to snow. While at the top, look around for broken shingles and parts that are prone to leakages, such as the areas around the vents and chimney, and ensure that they are properly sealed.

If you can’t fix the damage, it’s better to schedule a roof replacement in Melbourne on time.

  • Inspect your attic and keep it well insulated and ventilated

Not properly insulating your attic means that the heat coming from your living space below would collect in the attic, making the snow directly above it on the roof to thaw.

The water collects and solidifies at the cold edge of the roof, soaking your roof and exposing your house to moisture and leakages. Keeping your attic well ventilated also keeps moisture away.

  • Remove snow buildup

Snow, when left unattended to, can weigh down heavily on the roof and cause it to cave in. A stitch in time, they say, saves nine. While the snow is still only a few inches deep, remove it with a snow rake, taking care not to push or pull it around on the roof to avoid dislodging the shingles.

  • Hire professional help

Sometimes, you simply can not reach the top of your roof to carry out the necessary inspection and maintenance, owing to a phobia for heights, or time constraints. Other times, it could be about you lacking the wherewithal to give your roof the adequate care that it deserves.

Do not hesitate to call for experts in Melbourne. The amount you would spend to repair damages caused by the blizzard will far outweigh whatever your cost of pre-winter maintenance should be.

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