Make Your Home Merry and Bright With 7 DIY Christmas Yard Decorations

Christmas can be expensive enough as it is. So why spend more money on jazzing up your home and garden with store-bought decorations?

How about this year you make your own DIY Christmas yard decorations and be the envy in your neighborhood? You’ll save money, but you’ll also get to make something unique, recycle your old junk, and get creative with the whole family.

It’s time to collect your supplies, gather your little helpers, and get crafty this Christmas. Here are seven great ideas to get you started!

  1.  Wooden Christmas Characters

Have any spare bits of wood handy? If not, while making room for your yard decorations, you can remove some trees and you’ve got wood! This company can help you out with that. Then grab some glue, paint, and fabric, and start turning the wood into fun festive characters.

The shapes don’t matter, so get creative. For snowmen, paint some wooden blocks white, add a face, and tie some Christmas cloth to make a scarf. They can sit happily by your front door to welcome guests and bring a smile to all.

2.  Christmas Lawn Balls

Hanging up Christmas lights can be a real chore. So why not try something a little different which is much easier. All you need is some outdoor fairy lights and some chicken wire.

Form the wire into rings so that when tied together they form a sphere. Interlace the fairy lights so they wrap around the ball, then switch on and enjoy.

3.  Gifts That Glow

This one is incredibly easy and highly effective. All you need are some semi-transparent plastic container boxes, some fancy waterproof ribbon, and a battery-powered outdoor light.

First, cut a ventilation hole in the box. Then with glue or putty, secure the light to the base or side of the box. Next, wrap the ribbons around the box like a present with a bow. Let it glow!

4.  Brick and Block Gift Box

For a more durable gift box, we turn to cement. If you don’t have any bricks, you can make some by filling a plastic box with cement and let it set. Then spray paint and decorate it to look like a present. It’ll withstand all weather while looking fabulous!

5.  Christmas Signpost

Take a plank or two of wood and cut it into a signpost arrow. Give them a good sanding and paint them a festive color. Once dried, use some letter stencils and paint on your text, e.g. “This way to Santa’s Workshop”, or “Reindeer Crossing”.

Next, add some snow made from cotton wool or foam and glue on the top edges. Using a few nails and wood glue, attach each sign to a post, and away you go!

6.  Bauble Bunting

Maybe there’s no room left on the tree for all your baubles. No problem, we can make use of them. Using some fishing wire, simply add your baubles to make a pattern and hang it like bunting. This makes for an elegant style of decoration that can go almost anywhere.

7.  Get Tired This Christmas

Old tires can be used for all sorts of yard decorations. You can turn them into plant pots by painting them, adding a base, and filling them with soil to look very festive indeed. Or if you have various sizes, stack them up, paint them white, and build a snowman that never melts!

8.  Craft Your Own DIY Christmas Yard Decorations

‘Tis the season to get crafty! Hopefully, these DIY Christmas Yard Decorations have inspired you to get involved and start creating this year. It makes for a fun family activity that all can take part in. And that’s what Christmas is all about.

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