Pool Cleaning: DIY or hire a professional?

Keeping your swimming pool in the best condition often means dedicating regular time and energy to the process. Paying for your own chemicals and making sure that you are regularly maintaining your pool chemistry can sometimes take scheduling and plenty of ongoing effort. Using a DIY approach ensures you will need to learn more about the pool chemistry for your environment, you can diagnose problems and you can quickly fix issues as they happen. Working with a professional pool team can sometimes save you on cost and time however.

Having a team to look after your pool will make sure that you have an expert managing the environment at all times. A team of pool cleaning experts will be able to check on the ongoing chemical balance inside your pool, manage the water levels, ensure that filters are running efficiently, ensure that you’re using the right chemicals and handle the process of cleaning by vacuuming, scrubbing and skinning. These are tasks that could take you hours each week but a professional pool team will be able to take these tasks on at regularly scheduled intervals so that you can just enjoy your pool.

Differences in Costs

Owning a pool can be a commitment and it’s quite expensive to run your pool equipment as well as purchase all of the required chemicals that are needed to balance the environment for your pool. For a small cost, you can get access to all of the chemicals that you need to run your pool in perfect balance as well as the extra cleaning tasks that will be required for you to just enjoy your pool.

With most average pool cleaners costing between $20-$100 per month to keep pools in excellent shape, you can enjoy a season of your pool without ever having to manage chemical imbalances, perform a deep scrub or vacuum and more.

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This article was written by Shane the owner of The Pool Dudes. The Pool Dudes is a full-service pool cleaning company. Our mission is to provide South Florida with not only the best quality pool cleaning but also top-notch customer service. We understand that your pool is your oasis and is extremely important to your home or business. If you are looking for pool service in Fort Lauderdale then contact us today!

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