Signs Your Solar Panels Need Servicing

Australia has the highest number of solar panel users in the world today. More than 21% of Australian homes have installed solar power systems for cheaper, clean, and renewable energy. This is equivalent to around 2.66 million solar panels among rooftops on the mainland.

Solar energy originates from the sun. Solar panels are positioned on rooftops to capture sunlight and turn them into direct current (DC), a form of electrical energy. They are then converted into another form of electricity called alternating current (AC). AC powers the appliances in the household. The average lifespan of solar panels is 25 to 30 years. To last that long, they should be cleaned and maintained regularly. Part of the maintenance is doing an immediate repair in case some parts are damaged or may need replacement. Let us help you know the common signs that your solar panels need servicing and have an idea of solar panel servicing cost.

Signs Your Solar Panels Need Servicing

Below are the common signs that your solar panels need servicing.

Broken or Crack Glass. The glasses covering solar panels are durable and tempered enough to withstand different weather conditions. However, they may be broken because of falling branches from trees, heavy hailstorms, and rocks hurled by the wind. When these glasses break or crack, dirt and water may enter the solar panel and damage the system. As such, a broken or crack glass is a visible sign that you need solar panel servicing.

Error Messages on the Inverter. It will be smart to check your solar inverter weekly. Here, you can check how much power your solar energy system produces. At the same time, you can identify which appliance consumes the most electricity. There may be times when your solar inverter displayed an error message. This is another visible sign that you need solar panel servicing.

Lower Power Production. Australian homes typically use 5 kW to 20 kW of a solar power system in their household. The kW stands for the power output that the system can supply. You may experience some power drops during cloudy days, rain, or snow. But if during sunny weather, you have constantly been bugged by lower power production or power dropouts, this is another sign that you need solar panel servicing. Your current system may be having problems or it may no longer be enough to power your homes.

Power Cuts In and Out. Solar panel systems are designed to last long and give stable power like those of electricity companies. In case your solar panel is cutting in and out, you may need solar panel servicing. A solar specialist can quickly identify what needs fixing and repair or replace them.

Solar Panel Servicing Cost

Solar panels are great options to slash your utility bill. Yet, like other systems in your house, you will need to repair and replace them as needed. This means allotting some budget to maintain them. The average cost of solar panel maintenance is around $140 to $180. Solar panel servicing cost for cleaning is around $12 to $20 per panel. So, with a typical Australian home having 15 to 35 solar panels, cleaning them every 6 months may cost around $180 to $700. An annual rooftop and solar panel inspection charge $290 to $350.

On the other side, a household can save around $400 per year for every kW of solar energy it uses. This means that if Australian households commonly use 5 kW to 20 kW of solar energy. They can save $2,000 to $8,000 of utility bills per year. This makes a lot of sense. Even though you’ll need to allot a certain amount for solar panel servicing costs, you can still save a lot of money from using them.

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