Trouble with standard shade sail sizes? No Problem: make your own product!

Maanta is a very famous company based in Vicenza, Italy, which is known on the international market thanks to the passion the company has put into its business for a long time. In particular, the firm deals with the construction of sails in various materials, which can be used in the outdoor areas of houses, bars, restaurants and public places in general. Certainly, among the various models offered by the company, the most popular is the Maanta outdoor shade sail, which was also its very starting point. It is certainly not the only product offered by Maanta, but the company can truly be considered a specialist in this sector. In fact, in addition to the actual tents, the company has developed a complete line of accessories and kits that allow customers to easily and practically assemble their product, which is normally very complicated for those who are not familiar with it.

The items offered by Maanta, however, are inevitably standardised, and the customer can only really consult a limited set of numbers and measurements. But what happens when the proposed measurements do not fit the customer’s requirements? Well, it’s pretty simple – you can opt for a made to measure shade sail! Here’s what it is all about:


Given the high number of requests for this type of product, Maanta has decided to meet the needs of its customers by including a button on the company’s official website that leads directly to the configurator. The configurator can be defined as a sort of questionnaire to be filled in, in which customers enter the desired measurements and the preferred shape, so that they can buy their custom made sail directly online. So, the first step to follow is to take the measurements of the area you want to protect and start to project your personal awning.


This is actually one of the questions that Maanta users are most interested in. Processing times are of course fundamental in order to be in a position to organise things in time, and it is only fair to try to understand how many days it actually takes. First of all, after receiving the request, the company starts to make a digital project, which is the technical drawing, that will then be inserted directly into the production plan. So, although Maanta tries to deliver the finished product within 14 working days, the actual timeframe also naturally depends on the seasonality and quantity of the order. Make sure you have checked the timelines before accepting the project then!


In the previous paragraph we already mentioned the importance of time, but we have not yet talked about the one time frame that really makes a difference: seasonality. Ordering a product in the off-season can help Maanta’s customers receive the product faster, as the company does not receive as many requests as in the high season. Moreover, buying a product in the low season is also a great way to benefit from some offers or discounts!

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