3 Different Styles of Kitchen

Do you need some kitchen design ideas for your new home? Well, we’ve got 3 different popular styles of kitchen.

When it comes to redesigning your kitchen, you want to go for a specific style that really matches your home’s aesthetic. Many like to go modern, whilst some opt for the more classic approach – some forgo both of these styles and go for something completely different. The problem is, with so many kitchen styles to choose from, how do you know which one to go for? Well, we’re here to help narrow down your choice with some great kitchen design ideas.

In this post, we look into three different styles of kitchen, and tell you a little more about them. We’re going over three very popular styles of kitchen – modern, classic and shaker. Find out which style may be best for you, in our post.

1. Modern

For those that want something that feels new, fresh and modern, a modern kitchen may be ideal for you. Modern kitchens focus on two core principles: functionality and minimalism. A modern kitchen is simplistic in design, but it doesn’t mean it’s not stylish. It focuses on de-cluttering the home of anything deemed not necessary and leaving the kitchen minimal. Sure, essential appliances are left out on work surfaces but everything else is cleared away. It’s why you’ll find that most of the time modern kitchens usually come with more storage solutions. Colours can be bright and bold in modern kitchens, usually creating feature walls with more vibrant colours.

Modern kitchens typically have a different layout too. As we’ve said above, they usually focus on the functionality of the space and sometimes feature modern elements too. The cabinets and units tend to be more sleek, sometimes handleless to lend towards that modern aesthetic. Modern kitchens even focus right down to the details of fixtures and fittings, using different metals – usually silver. The key thing to remember about modern kitchens is that they focus on the functionality of the space. When it comes to designing a modern kitchen, it’s ideal to consider the space you have available as well as the layout too.

2. Classic

If you’re looking for an effortless stylish kitchen that harks back to the past, a classic kitchen could be for you. The big thing about classic kitchens is that they focus on going for a more traditional feel, something that isn’t ultra-modern but still looks good in your home. You may find that countryside houses may go for this more rustic style, but ultimately it can work in any home should that be the look you strive for. Where modern kitchens tend to go a little brighter and bolder with their colouring, classic kitchens lean towards more neutral tones and colours – pastels and other more natural looking colours.

Where modern cabinets and units may be a bit more sleek, classic units in the kitchen focus on detailing and have handles too. You’ll find that classic kitchens use more natural materials, like woods and stones too – leaning into that truly rustic aesthetic. The use of this creates a warm feel to your kitchen, helps it feel homelier and inviting. It’s a great kitchen for family centric homes, where they gather in the kitchen. In this modern day and age, a classic kitchen can really help your home stand out and can make your home feel more traditional in its aesthetic.

3. Shaker

What about those who want a balance of modern and classic styling? Something that falls dead centre? Well, shaker kitchens may be the ideal kitchen for your home. Shaker kitchens are a little less traditional, but not ultra-modern. They blend the best parts of both styles and offer something a little different for your home. Imagine taking the bold colourings of modern kitchens, pairing them with the natural wooden tones of classic kitchens and having some interesting and alternative fixtures and fittings. Well, this is a shaker kitchen. It’s literally the best of both worlds and allows you to blur the line between modern and classic. A truly functional space that feels traditional but innovative at the same time. Like modern kitchens, functionality is a key element in shaker kitchens, and everything serves a purpose in them. Where modern kitchens can sometimes feel very new and classic kitchens can feel old, shaker kitchens sit bang in the middle of the line. It allows you to have a fresh style but keep classic elements that can make a home feel homely. For those that want something bold but subtle, modern but classic and overall ultra-stylish, a shaker kitchen may be ideal for you.
Whatever kitchen style you choose to go for, make sure it suits your lifestyle. Modern, classic or shaker, these are but three of many different kitchen styles you can go for. Make sure you find the right kitchen for your home.

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