Add Some Pizzazz to Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Many homeowners like to keep abreast of the latest trends for home improvement ideas to keep their home current, comfortable, and marketable. Along with always taking care of basic home maintenance, many will also want to keep the home and its amenities current and updated as well. Kitchens and bathrooms, the two most used rooms in the house, are among the most popular to keep updated. Not only will updating the kitchen and bathrooms in your home allow the homeowner to enjoy an array of modern conveniences and maybe even a bit of luxury, it is also a great way to increase the value of the home.

A trendy and versatile component in any updated kitchen and bathroom design is the incorporation of tile for floors, counter-tops, back-splashes, and walls. One style of tile that seems to catch on, for good reason, is the use of simple mother of pearl tile to create some stunning effects. This tile is made from the pearls that are produced naturally from certain mollusks in ocean environments. Starting out as a grain of sand in a seashell, they are formed over long periods of time and can vary greatly in color. Colors can range from white, to yellow, pink, green, or brown. The color of the pearls denotes the environment from which they grew and the type of mollusk which adds a bit of history to this element of design. One thing that they all have in common is the stunning iridescent quality they add when manufactured into a tile. They can be used to create amazing effects with either using all the same color or mixing a few or a multitude of colors. Envious looks are even achieved by blending them with tiles of other styles and colors. The multitude of combinations of tiles are endless and can be individualized to the taste of each homeowner.

Forbes has a great article that gives some great tips on what is trending with tile designs as well as some amazing pictures of how different types of tiles can really enhance the look of a kitchen and bathroom. The great thing is that there are several wonderful companies that off mother of pearl bathroom tile. Furthermore, these companies showcase, in detail, a multitude of design ideas and tile combinations.

Creating the perfect design for a kitchen or bathroom redo can pose its share of challenges. But, once a homeowner opts for a tile finish, the remainder of the project falls easily into place. Tile is also one of the most durable materials available for kitchen and bathroom surfaces adding an extra measure of confidence. With all the design options available to create stunning, updated kitchens and bathrooms, the right tile can really make the difference between a beautiful room and a stunning room. While the beautiful room will suffice, the stunning room will create the eye-appeal that every homeowner desire.

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