How to Save On Cabinets When Updating Your Kitchen

Anyone looking for kitchen remodeling Austin might be putting it off because of the significant dollar value that is often attached to these types of home improvement projects. Let’s face it, remodeling your kitchen ain’t cheap and, depending on the severity of the job, it can become an incredibly expensive proposition.

After all, the cabinetry in your kitchen is the most visible part of the room. They take up the most space because they offer you so much storage capacity for all of the important things you use. If the cabinets look bad, the kitchen’s aesthetic suffers dramatically.

But updates can mean incurring expenditures that you may not be prepared to include in your budget and that can mean living with a kitchen that appears tired, out of date, faded, and chipped due to a lack of funds to do the job right.

Or does it? The truth is you may not actually need to spend that much to get new kitchen cabinets. There are options available to you that don’t require a substantial investment of money that you can’t allocate to the task.

We have some ideas that can help you save on cabinet when the time comes to update your kitchen. All of these options are low cost while providing you with high quality alternatives to having contractors come in and install brand new cabinetry.

One thing to keep in mind before you explore these choices is to first make sure that your cabinets are still working properly. If they are not functionally sound, then the cabinets won’t be able to be updated fully through these methods and further work will be required.

But if your cabinetry still operates as expected and just looks unappealing, then you should be able to get the job done with these helpful hints.

Paint Job

The simplest option to give your cabinets a new lease on life is to get a can of paint and a brush. Applying a different color to the cabinetry in the kitchen can freshen up the entire room. If you like the current color, then stick with that and you’ll discover that you’re back in your old kitchen once more. The one you had when you first moved in!

What’s even better about this option is that you can do it all by yourself. No need to spend money hiring anyone to come in and do the work for you, just get the materials required, like brushes, tarps, sandpaper, and so on, and get started on the job.

Cabinet Veneers

Maybe you don’t want to paint over your cabinets, but instead, add entirely new refacing to them. Having veneers placed on your existing cabinetry is another great, low-cost way to give that kitchen a new look.

This method is also straightforward and simple, new veneers are attached to your current doors and drawer-fronts so that it looks like you’ve had all brand new cabinets installed…but without the accompanying price and labor headaches.

Hardware Replacement

Sometimes it’s the little details that can make the biggest impression. When it comes to cabinets, switching out the hardware on the doors and drawers might be all you need to reinvigorate the whole kitchen.

So take a closer look at the handles and doorknobs that are installed throughout the kitchen cabinets on your walls. If they’re faded, tarnished, chipped, hanging off the doors, or demonstrating any other such appearance issues, it may be time to get them all out and bring in some new ones.

When you hit the home improvement store keep in mind the number of drill holes that were used by your old hardware, that way you can purchase new hardware with the corresponding number of posts and you won’t need to drill new holes to accommodate the new hardware.

Most handles will need two to three holes, knobs need one to two. Check out what your current hardware requires and match the new hardware to the same number that exist. Drilling is only going to add to the scope of the project and it can be a bit of a hassle.

Extra Molding

Similar to going small with the replacement of your cabinet’s hardware, molding can also provide a lovely new look to old cabinets. Adding some new molding along the edges of your cabinets is not only inexpensive but it has a lot of aesthetic value for the improved appearance of the kitchen.

The cost will depend mostly on the type of molding you prefer but you can choose something that’s relatively inexpensive and still make a big difference from what exists currently.


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