Common causes of pipe leaks

Common causes of pipe leaks

Do you own a home? If yes, then you probably should understand the risk you might be facing when you continue to ignore the leaking pipes in your home.

However, preventing these potential damages that can be caused by the leaking water might not be easy, mostly for those homeowners who don’t have any experience when it comes to plumbing issues.

Well, if you would like to know what might be causing your pipes to leak, then this article is for you. Below are some causes that might result to the leaking pipes.

Understanding them will help you to know when you need to contact the plumber and have them sorted out on time.

  • Advanced corrosion

You should know that pipes don’t usually stay for that long. Over a period of time, the pipes will be corroded due to the rust which in turn will eat the pipes away.

This will then create a perfect opportunity for water to seep out through the created openings on the pipe.

If your plumbing system was done more than 35 years ago then you know your system might be at high risk of facing corrosion issues since most of the pipe materials aren’t able to resist corrosion.

Corrosion can also be caused due to the unbalancing of the water’s chemicals.

  • Degraded seals

Don’t assume that all the plumbing systems are usually done using metal pipes. Where they connect to some specific fixture, an industrial rubber seal might be used just to make the connection to be water tight, perhaps with Rubber Expansion Bellows.

Just like the pipes, these seals also get used up with time. With a cracked or crumbled seal, water will be able to escape through them. Old and dry seals are always likely to be affected by corrosion.

  • Water pressure

When in the shower, you might be feeling good while enjoying the water coming out at high pressure. However, when this water moving at high pressure hits the walls of the pipes on the inside then they will be at greater risk of eventually having a leak.

In some cases, high pressure might even cause bursting of the water pipes. But, in mild cases, the excess water pressure will only cause slow leakages especially after the flow of water is stopped.

If you are able to notice such changes, you should consider contacting a plumber to come and test your water pressure and correct any mistakes if found.

  • Fixture cracks

You should check your faucets or the pipes directly connected to them for any cracks. If they have the cracks then you might notice a leak.

Most of the time these cracks are usually caused by an impact to the faucets. For instance if someone trips then catch himself on them or even a child hitting them with toys.

Sometimes these cracks can even develop in some hidden places like under the sink. If you realize there is some damage to the fixtures or just the pipes around, act fast and do the replacements before it becomes a big issue.

  • Improper laying of pipes

Make sure your plumbing system is always done by a licensed plumber and is done correctly according to the standards required.

Most of these serous leaks that often result to plumbing emergencies usually occurs because of the improper laying of pipes. Some of these small mistakes may go unnoticed but can always cause big problems in terms of water damages.

In most areas, the plumbing systems will always require the water to be flowing against the gravity thus you should see that the pipes are correctly laid and that devices preventing the backflow of water are put in place as required.

If you are suspicious about your pipes, have a plumber take a look at your system.


These are just a few things that might cause pipe leaks in your home. When you are experiencing a pipe leak, you are most likely going to have serious water damages around your place and this is not a good thing especially if you are health cautious person.

Of course you will be putting your family’s health at risk too if you don’t take care of these issues right on time. Here are some ways in which pipe leakages can affect your health

Your property might suffer too and you will be the one to carry all the costs. If you suspect to be having leaking pipes in your home, take the necessary measures and correct these problems immediately.

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